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Sunset at Kapalai, Sipadan

We took a trip down to Kapalai on one of our evenings at Sipadan just to check it out. To be honest, I very much prefer staying at Seaventures even though the standard of accommodations would probably be very much better at Kapalai.

Firstly, Seaventures is a defunct oil rig. How cool is it to be able to stay on an oil rig especially if you’re not an engineer in the oil and gas industry. Plus, there is a super cool lift that lowers you down directly into the sea and back up when doing house reef dives. AND there is NO better experience than lying on the deck (with my birthday wish of having the lights off) counting shooting stars! Yes, I kid you not. Shooting stars are not as rare as I thought it was. In a span of an hour, I managed to see at least 5 shooting stars! Despite being exhausted from diving, I kept my eyes open for as long as I could just to see the stars. I actually ran out of wishes or probably was too tired to think of anymore. Hahaha.

Well, not that there are no better experience, I mean diving is pretty damn awesome too. But being on the deck counting shooting stars is probably one of my best experiences so far.

That’s Seaventures as seen from Kapalai island.

Sunset at Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

Sunset shots.

Catching the sunset at Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

Sunset at Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

Sunset at Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

The joys of simply spinning around. I used to do that all the time when I was young. The kids way of getting high. Hahaha.

Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

Evening entertainment for the kids.

Kapalai, Sipadan, Malaysia

Sometimes I do have difficulty ending a post. Like in this case, I’m not too sure what to write. Thus my frank admission of not know how to end this.

There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.

– Frank Herbert

Sunset at Battery Park

Usually when traveling alone, I make it a point to head back before the sky turns dark. However, NYC in December didn’t really give me much of a choice. Sunset was at about 4pm daily then.

Was walking along Wall Street, taking a shot of the bull when I caught a glimpse of the sunset at the end of the street. So drawn to it I practically ran down the street, across the road and around the fence (renovations -.-) despite my aching legs.

Definitely worth run. Sunset with the (tiny) Statue of Liberty in the background.

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

There is actually a guy in the above photo, I’m not even sure if I was aware of his presence when taking the shot as the park wasn’t very well lit. Yes I was a little scared. Not a fan of dark places.

Panoramic shot of the sunset at Battery Park.

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

Shots taken using my (beloved but not that ideal in low light settings) iPhone 4S camera.

One of my favorite sunsets. 🙂