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Nice is nice II – Colline Du Chateau

Blogging everyday is truly a challenge and I suppose that is why it is called the 30 days challenge. I’m actually quite excited about completing this 30 days challenge cause I’ve already decided on my next challenge is going to be! 😀

24 more days to go!

So, Nice is nice II. The first post on Nice was actually more than 1 year ago. Hehehe. When traveling I always try to keep the first day in any place free so that I’ll be just wandering around and getting to know the town rather than to heading straight to some tourist attraction. However, our random walk actually led us to Colline Du Chateau which was on our list anyway. This is THE BEST BACON EVER! I know it doesn’t look any good but it was so so good! Till date, LF still goes on and on about it.

Breakfast at Nice, the best bacon EVER, France

The gorgeous view of Vieux Nice as we trekked up.

Nice is nice, France

The nice port of Nice. Very nice indeed.

Nice is nice, France

A man made waterfall.

Nice is nice, France

The human dial. It was almost 3PM that day. Hehehe.

The human dial, Nice is nice, France

Attempted to check out the lighthouse (which turned out to be locked). I do like how the graffiti on the cement blocks gave the path a vibrant feel.

Nice is nice, France

Unexpectedly, Nice ended up being one of our favorite cities in France. Best bacon, cute cookie shop, super friendly people, peaceful, relaxed and just next to the sea! <3

Nice is nice, France