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Lost. Then and now. Still lost.

What if you never knew what you wanted to be when you grew up but the clock ticked away anyhow and now you’re all grown up and as lost as you were when you were 7?

At the very least, you probably didn’t care that much when you were 7. But now that you’re 31 and still lost. Alive but barely living. In comfort no doubt but unfulfilled.

How many people go about with life never knowing what they really wanted? Am I one of the many or one of the few? What does it mean to go through life without really knowing or having any significant goal? Significant being subjective. What does it take to live a meaningful life?

I am so envious of people who know what they want. Perhaps then, life is about finding an answer. Even if each answer brings about even more questions.

Yet if I keep doing the same thing that I have always done, nothing will change. So here is to discomfort, to uncertainties, to possible regrets and potentially going back to the mediocre life in a couple of months. But meanwhile, I try. One day at a time.