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Failure is constructive

Read this on Google+ this morning:

I genuinely believe no one has ever learned anything from success. Success is like a really distorting mirror РMoby 

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While I disagree that no one has ever learned anything from success (I’m a strong believer that you can learn from everything that happens if you have the right mindset), I agree that one can learn much more from failures. If only, you pick yourself up, look at what went wrong objectively and take actions to correct them.

You have failed only when you stop trying and this is why I have utmost respect for Steve Jobs. Besides being a genius and a visionary, he had extreme determination and perseverance in what he believed in. How many of us give up the first, second or third time we fail? Not to say being kicked out of a company he created. Many would have probably sunk into depression, drugs, alcohol and what not. But not him, despite all, he continued to work towards what he believed in. Harry Potter would not have been such an astounding success (imagine a world without Harry Potter) if J K Rowling had given up the first 12 times she faced rejection from publishers.

My point(s) is (are):

  • Never stop believing in yourself just because you did not succeed this time round
  • You have only failed when you stop trying, so never stop trying
  • Learn from each time that you’ve not succeed

So here’s to failure, one of life’s greatest teacher.

When something ends something begins
but now it’s just the end of the road,
When someone loses someone wins
but now it’s just the end of the road
don’t get to fix it if it doesn’t break,
But now it’s just the end of the road
when you gotta leave it makes you wanna stay
i know it’s the end of the road