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Local market in Dinan

Where we window shopped, stalked old ladies to take shots of their very nice shopping baskets and imagine a life out of Singapore. I had thought those nicely woven baskets were only used in shows and in fairytales, not at a common marketplace. In Singapore, no one uses them. We just use tons of plastic bags.

The local market in Dinan which sells just about everything. Blankets, mattresses, handbags and accessories.

Market in Dinan, France

Clothes. Speaking of which, I’ve yet to wear this dress that I had gotten there. And it has been more than a year. Hurhur.



Market in Dinan, France

Plants. Strawberry plants, herbs and what not. It must be nice, being able to eat from your own garden.

Strawberry plants at the market of Dinan

Fresh seafood, crabs, these looks a lot like the famous big hairy crabs in Hong Kong.

Crabs at the market in Dinan, France

I’m guessing these are root vegetables like lotus?

Market in Dinan

And of course cheese. No market in France is complete without a huge array of cheese.

Local market in Dinan

The kind of baskets used by the locals. It was mostly the elderly doing their shopping and I have to say, those carrots do look a little malnourished.

Cute marketing baskets at the market in Dinan, France

I could imagine a life living in one of those houses with a little garden where I can grow strawberries, chillies and sunflowers.


Dinan, France

The medieval town of Dinan, France

Having grown up in a city of high rise buildings (not bones), I’m easily captivated by medieval towns with cobbled streets and quaint houses. No surprises why Dinan was on my to go list in France.

It was also in Dinan where I was reminded to stop and smell the roses. That the best experiences came from wandering around, not squeezing in as much places of interests in each trip.

With no research done, we first stopped by the tourist counter to grab a map that came with 2 walking tour routes. We happily followed one and got lost halfway through.

The pretty streets of Dinan. I half expected characters from fairy tales to be getting on with their lives here but no, didn’t see any.

The car looks slightly out of place.

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Some of my favorite buildings. If you look closely, you’ll actually see that these buildings here is not particularly straight. I wonder how long has these buildings been here. I imagine a family with super warm characters living in there with huge plushy sofas and the smell of apple pie baking in it.


Dinan, France

Dinan, France

Walked down to the port of Dinan by river Rance.

Port of Dinan by river Rance, Dinan, France

Looks like a lovely area to be living in. And of course, such is the weather in spring. Clear blue skies here.

Dinan, France

And a couple of minutes later, grey skies and it starts to rain. This was probably less than a kilometer away from the previous shot, walking up to the walls of the medieval town.

Dinan, France

The famous St Malo church which houses some of the prettiest stained glass windows I’ve ever seen.

St Malo Church, Dinan, France

One of the prettiest stained  glass churches in France

It was also in Dinan where we experienced hail for the second time. Thankfully, from the comfort of our seats in a little cafe where we sipped hot cider to keep ourselves warm.

On a side note, I really like my places function in iPhotos!

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