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Santorini, not just in blue and white

I’ve actually heard a couple of people mentioned that Santorini is overrated and I was looking forward to checking it out myself.

Did I find Santorini overrated? Not really. Although I would have planned my trip differently had I known what I now know.

The best way to enjoy Santorini, in my opinion, is to get an awesome accommodation, one with an outdoor pool with a seaview in Fira and spend a couple of days just lazing in the pool and enjoying the view for most of the time.

Santorini could be overrated if you’re looking to explore and wander around (what I did) since that wouldn’t take up too much time plus it gets really hot in the afternoon (thus the need for a pool).

I did love these random kinda doors popping up everywhere.


We took a 19 euros caldera tour with a local agency. Was choosing between including transportation or not and ended up choosing the latter cause someone wrote that going down to the old port of Fira on foot was an experience not to be missed. Absolute bullshit.

At least for me cause #1 I’m not a fan of donkeys and #2 definitely not a fan of walking down 588 steps covered in donkey shit.

Old port of Fira.


First stop, the famous volcano/island Nea Kamani. More than 50 shades of grey.


My mom and my sis with their bright green umbrella. A touch of colour when all seems grey.


Stacking stones. This was super common in Laos but it was actually my first time seeing this in an european country. We ended up standing there trying to Google the story behind stacking stones but there were too many; prayers, a form of worshipping, a gesture of asking…

Regardless, I decided to join in by stacking my own stones. Hurhur.

Oh and seriously, how cool is it that we get 3G on a volcano!


Overlooking Palea Kameni from Nea Kameni.


Thirasia where we stopped for lunch and ice cream.


It was a rather small and quiet island with a couple of abandoned shops/cafes.


Quick stop by Oia for passengers to get down in time for the famed sunset. I find it interesting that on just one island, you could get 3 different coloured sand beaches.



Blue and white up next.