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Beauty sleep

Been pondering about this for awhile since I’ve been here. I have been told/read that the optimal time for ‘beauty sleep’ is between 11pm to 2am or 3am. Thats supposedly the best time for your body to rejuvenate. BUT, you see, what about time differences? Say now that I’m in Qatar, where it is 5 hours behind Singapore and 11pm here is 4am in Singapore. How does my body recognize that it is 11pm now? The tuning of my biological clock while I am here? Which leads me to conclude that its really the sleeping pattern, and not the timing, that determines an individual’s optimal time for beauty sleep. Say if I were to sleep at 2am every night and wake up at say, 9am, my body would then adapt to this cycle and then probably decide that the time to rejuvenate is 3am to 6am? Its a matter of how you tune your body clock to recognize the time it should rejuvenate the cells or whatever. And therefore, sleeping late is not the cause to all bodily illnesses or beauty problems, it is inconsistent sleep cycles.

Ooooh. I should like do some scientific research and then publish some papers on this. Hurhur.

I really miss BKK.

Second love of my life. If only I could marry McMayor and eat him up on our wedding night. Hurhur.

3 more days till I’m on my way home. Really looking forward. Can’t believe that I’ve been away from home for 1 full month! The longest ever. Now I’m staring at the dirty clothes at the end of my bed, grocery bags on the floor and my open luggage half filled with chocolates. Its a messy sight. I’m normally not that messy. Really. =X

I actually feel a teeny weeny bit of sadness, at leaving the people I’ve come to like. From strangers to friends.

Kim Yen who accompanies me anywhere I wanna go.

Audrey and her husband, would have died from boredom or hunger without them.

And this is Chris Poh and Chris Chan. You would think I was pointing a gun at them and not a camera. -.- Thought the both of them looked cute as they waited impatiently for us against each side of the wall, so I turned my camera lens towards them and their reactions were immediate. Both really nice despite their ‘cool’ outlook and today, I realized that Chris Poh is actually very responsible. Hurhur.

And of course, the rest whose little actions made my days here brighter, not forgetting the ones who gave me trouble which only made me stronger.


Till we meet again..

Which is, tomorrow, at the basement as we make our way to work. =P

I should buy 4d..

Before I start going on about work, yet again, I just wanted to say its incredibly sweet seeing how much Luke loves Lorelai. =) =) =) And Kirk loving all the burnt food. Lol.

And yes, as expected last night, this morning was horrible, I was called down to another office at like 7am this morning for yet another talk which ended with me being completely confused once again and crazily frustrated. Please, stop all this cryptic talk. I’m not at your level, I don’t know how to read between the lines, I don’t get the hidden messages and I honestly don’t know what how I should react to your words. I don’t understand politics and have no interest in getting involve! And so, if you want me to do something, say it straight, cause I totally don’t get your hidden message and I give up in trying.

I can’t please everyone, this I know. I do this, A gets pissed off, I do that, B gets pissed off. I don’t do either, both gets pissed off. I do both, all gets pissed off. I follow instructions from my boss, both still gets pissed off. I can’t tell A what I’m facing with B and vice versa for it would only worsen the non existent relationship. I can’t tell my boss because he’s such an asshole who insists that HR is perfect and if there are any screw ups, its DEFINITELY ops. So by following my boss instructions I’m being an accomplice and so it is my fault that this project is screwed. Okay. I give up. I shall sit and stare at my computer for the next 7 days. Perfect. The perfect solution. In answer to any of their questions, Inshallah.

I shall blend in with their local culture. =)

Okay now the brighter side, had a great coffee session with the usual bunch. Its really comforting in its own way, sitting at the same spot, chatting about everything under the sun. =) Today there were lesser work complaints and more random crap, like halal food, boots, cold weather, Europe, castles, Greece and hair. Hurhur. Met wonderful people during this trip. My housemate is gonna cook me fish soup with wintermelon tomorrow. And randomly, I feel like drinking salted vegetables and duck soup. Lol.

Looking forward to meeting LF at the airport next Fri. Can’t wait. =) =) =)

Off to watch more GG =)

What a wonderful world..

And now, I’m left with 7 more days in Doha. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not feeling sad about it and I’m definitely still dying to be home. Looking forward to finally smelling LF after a month, eating my mom’s cooking, quarreling with my sis, snatching the tv from my dad, watching nonsensical shows on tv, randomly meeting friends for durian ice cream and basically just being home with the people I love really close by.

Yet, I know I’ll be missing this place real soon. This place where I was mentally tortured at work, where Harry was such a great consolation during lunch. I’ve once again completed reading book 1 to 7 during lunch =X This place where I touched down all alone, having never met my colleagues based in Qatar and now, in 7 days, I’m about to leave my friends. The friends I’ve made here, worked with, stayed with and went out with.


I experienced being away from home, alone for the first time.

I learnt to socialize, to go out even when I don’t feel like it.

I made friends I would have never known.

I got to know an Egyptian.

I discovered extreme politics which I was so sheltered from.

I understood that while the nasty remarks were made to me, they weren’t directed at me.

I discovered that people aren’t what they appear to be on the surface.

I became a victim/casualty to the war among higher management.

I appreciated the little kind actions of others.

I got into a car accident for the first time.

I encountered countless firsts with more to come.

I interviewed someone whom only revealed her eyes.

I was taught to handle many different nationalities, even more than what we have in Singapore.

And so much more..

=) =) =)

Like the YEP trip, this experience is definitely yet another turning point in my life. While this blog has been filled with my countless complains about my work trip here, it is in so many ways such a wonderful experience. Which I may have failed to realize when I was overwhelmed by the negative emotions many a times, caused by work. Work and emotions aside, I do realize how amazing this experience is. My only regret, I’ve yet to become independent despite being away from home for a month.

Of course, when something happens at work tomorrow, I’ll go back to whining about this bloody trip and how much I want to be home. Hurhur.

Till then, I shall go to bed feeling thankful for this incredible experience and the angels He has placed all around me.


Another day down =)

Slightly less emo today. Omg I’m becoming like Jack.

I guess its true, I’m so so blue.

Deprived of love, alone I groove.

8 hours away, lonesome I lay.

Okay. Lame and senseless. Miss those days were LF and I sent each other smses that were 8 msges long. =P The silly lines we made up that rhymed. Hurhur.

Had dinner and coffee with the colleagues. A said I should beg the one that threatened me for help. He’s the only one who can help and I shouldn’t let my pride get in the way of work. Really? Why should I? Was I the one that offended him? No. Was I the one who said things that pissed him off? No. Is he rejecting us help because of me? No. Am I the one screwing up the project now? No. I was thrown here (okay I jumped at the opportunity) to be a scapegoat, to let them vent their frustrations on and now I’m to become the sacrificial goat/cow?

Am I devoted enough to work as to beg someone who threatened me for help? No. If the project screws up, whats the worse that could happen to me? I probably won’t get a big bonus at the end of the year. Worse case scenario, I get terminated. Ultimately, does the failure of the project lies with me? Was it cause I was incompetent? You wanted agencies from middle east, I sourced and was promptly rejected with a simple sentence from you: “I do not wish to take the risk”. Okay. Fine. You wanted us to source for agencies from Qatar, I did and met up with a couple which again, was rejected as the company didn’t want to bear the costs. Okayy. You wanted candidates from Philippines, we shortlisted 27 with the help of a very competent AGM but you only managed to get the client to approve 7. It is up to you to sell the candidates to the client, yes high expectations, we know. We know too, how bloody incompetent and useless you are. You wanted cheap labour. Made sense. But you wanted candidates with a degree and 5 years experience CHEAP. Please use whatever lil bit of brains you may have. Who would have taken up the kinda offer we’re making. Would you? Degree holder with 5 years experience? Shouldn’t all of these been taken into account during the tender? No. Of course not. Since when was HR involve in the tender process? We’re merely given the budget after the contract has been signed and FORCED to work within that pathetic budget.

So when this project fails, yes, its all because of HR.

Experience and exposure. =)

Retail Therapy

Back from shopping at Villagio, Aldo sales was a disappointment but H&M made up for it. Hurhur.

Was surprised at the way my Egyptian colleague shop, the amount she spent is insane and just yesterday, she had already bought 2 pairs of shoes, a scarves and a bag. The cheapest shoes they have here costs at least 100 riyals? I couldn’t bring myself to buy any. Not when I’m wearing my black heels which is way nicer than any pair of shoes I’ve seen here and only cost me 10SGD, bought from BKK. Saw this really really pretty white bag from River Island that costs 325 riyals. -.-

I can only shop at BKK. BRING ME TO BKK!

LF is online! Off to iChat =D

Oh my sucha random shopping post. =X

23 more days to go

Do I regret accepting this opportunity to come to Doha.

It sucks being away from home, from my family, LF and friends.

Then again, I can’t deny the exposure I’ve gotten. Good and bad, it all happens for a reason. Bad experiences still do serve a purpose. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. However much it may suck at that moment.

Continuing with the firsts, I’ve encountered my first car accident. What I thought to be a minor accident, turned out to be pretty major. The other party’s bumper was crumpled, not dented. I can only imagine the impact and if we had hit a person instead of a car. Our car on the other hand, did not merely sustain scratches like what we had initially thought, the front was smashed in and the ‘grill’ was falling out. How in the world did we think that it was just scratches? Shock or denial? Hurhur.

And today, I was threatened for the first time, at work. Feels like I’m working with ‘the man with a dragon tattoo’. Hurhur. Come to think of it, was it the first? Didn’t my HR GM tell me that if I were to do anything here against the policies which he had to reverse, he’ll ‘KILL’ me? (together with the hand across throat action) OMG! DEATH THREAT! *trembles with fear* I’m working with gangsters. Hurhur. But today, it was honestly a threat. And I’m not reacting the way I should be, neither angry nor scared.

Weirdly, I somehow do not care. If the day comes when I can no longer take this crap, I’ll just resign. Its just another job. The only reason I’m staying is cause I’m really looking forward to my new job scope once this crap is done with. Still great exposure and AWESOME FOOD! Hurhur.

And my point is… I’m being incoherent. Hurhur. Its almost 5am in SG, so good morning! Off to bed.

I’m still alive!

Love this photo.

Nobody wants to be stupid. Hurhur.

On a side note, you don’t have to put others down and make them look stupid just so it makes you look smarter.

Long distance

With you is where I’d rather be
But we’re stuck where we are
It’s so hard, you’re so far
This long distance is killing me
I wish that you were here with me
But we’re stuck where we are
It’s so hard, you’re so far
This long distance is killing me.

The people we meet

Why do people come for and interview without bringing a copy their certificates?

Why did the fire burn only your diploma certificate but not your SPM and other useless certification of attendance?

Why do people come for an interview and refuse to fill out the application form? Yes I know you brought your resume but you still have to fill out the form.

Why do people come applying for a
managerial post without bringing their

Why do people always write ‘please refer to resume’ in their application forms? Is it that difficult to write? Has technology made us all so lazy? Has it taken away our abilities to hold a pen and write?

Why do people always submit incomplete forms? Since when are application forms structured like our exams section B, ‘answer 4 out of the 6 questions’?


7 weeks to go..

Feeling a lil more cheery today after a good dinner and chocolate ice cream to end the day. Finally cooked after realizing that microwaved mac and cheese sucks. Hurhur. Cooked the easiest, ham and cheese omelette BUT I still hate washing. Ended up washing a plate, a bowl, a spoon, a fork, a pan and a spatula from just cooking an omelette! Wtf. So hate washing.

LF, next time you’ll do the washing while I’ll do the cooking okay? =P

Work still sucks. Have never been exposed to such extreme politics in my 4 years of work. How protected I’ve been. In fact, before this trip, I was perfectly happy living in my lil HR bubble where THOUGHT there were no politics.

Facing problems with my upcoming trips as well. Flights out to KL are fully book for the coming Thurs and Fri. Ops are complaining again about HR costs, HR is insistent that I do the recruitment and blah blah. Whatever. You decide and I’ll just go along with your decision.

Apparently the higher you climb, the worse it gets. Not that I’m high up there now. Merely a spectator and a victim of their political games/war.

Haven’t been exploring the place, its INSANE to walk out in the day. Thus, no new photos. I haven’t been able to open my eyes fully outdoors in the day. Skin hurts when the sun shines on you. No kidding man.

Surprisingly, the food, ooohh the food, is awesome! So far. Turkish dinner on the first day sucked. Have I mentioned this? I feel like I’ve been repeating myself too many times. But the rest have been awesome so far! Had the yummiest kebab last week – this i mentioned before, then had AWESOME grilled meat and roasted lamb. My first time trying lamb. Trying to be adventurous when it comes to eating, though I’m still not touching lamb/chicken liver. Gross green stuff! Superb garlic mayo. I’m not a fan of mayo but this is soooo good. Had the best Indian food as well, awesome curries and naan! Come to think of it, I’ve never tried any Indian restaurants in Singapore, Indian food basically meant roti prata. Lol. Had Indonesian food for lunch today, pretty good =D Not that I had any basis of comparison. Food here kinda makes up for the horrible 8 hours I spend being shot daily. I do hope the good food keeps coming. =D

Mommy said that my face seems to be rounder! WTF.

Oh well. Cheers to awesome food!! =D

Coffee night out..

Had an awesome dinner at this lil place which sells really yummy kebab! Can foresee more dinners/take aways there. Went for coffee with a few other colleagues at Coffee Bean nearby after. Loved the environment, ambience and the noise we were making. Reminds me a lil of Friends. Apparently, they visit this particular Coffee Bean every Thursday night sitting at the same sofa seat in a corner.

Heading out for breakfast at Villagio tomorrow morning with a couple of them. =D Gonna jump at every opportunity to head out regardless of whether or not I’ve been there before. Its time I put my socializing skills (if any) to use! Hurhur.

And now… trying to upload photos to FB =D