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7 weeks to go..

Feeling a lil more cheery today after a good dinner and chocolate ice cream to end the day. Finally cooked after realizing that microwaved mac and cheese sucks. Hurhur. Cooked the easiest, ham and cheese omelette BUT I still hate washing. Ended up washing a plate, a bowl, a spoon, a fork, a pan and a spatula from just cooking an omelette! Wtf. So hate washing.

LF, next time you’ll do the washing while I’ll do the cooking okay? =P

Work still sucks. Have never been exposed to such extreme politics in my 4 years of work. How protected I’ve been. In fact, before this trip, I was perfectly happy living in my lil HR bubble where THOUGHT there were no politics.

Facing problems with my upcoming trips as well. Flights out to KL are fully book for the coming Thurs and Fri. Ops are complaining again about HR costs, HR is insistent that I do the recruitment and blah blah. Whatever. You decide and I’ll just go along with your decision.

Apparently the higher you climb, the worse it gets. Not that I’m high up there now. Merely a spectator and a victim of their political games/war.

Haven’t been exploring the place, its INSANE to walk out in the day. Thus, no new photos. I haven’t been able to open my eyes fully outdoors in the day. Skin hurts when the sun shines on you. No kidding man.

Surprisingly, the food, ooohh the food, is awesome! So far. Turkish dinner on the first day sucked. Have I mentioned this? I feel like I’ve been repeating myself too many times. But the rest have been awesome so far! Had the yummiest kebab last week – this i mentioned before, then had AWESOME grilled meat and roasted lamb. My first time trying lamb. Trying to be adventurous when it comes to eating, though I’m still not touching lamb/chicken liver. Gross green stuff! Superb garlic mayo. I’m not a fan of mayo but this is soooo good. Had the best Indian food as well, awesome curries and naan! Come to think of it, I’ve never tried any Indian restaurants in Singapore, Indian food basically meant roti prata. Lol. Had Indonesian food for lunch today, pretty good =D Not that I had any basis of comparison. Food here kinda makes up for the horrible 8 hours I spend being shot daily. I do hope the good food keeps coming. =D

Mommy said that my face seems to be rounder! WTF.

Oh well. Cheers to awesome food!! =D

Coffee night out..

Had an awesome dinner at this lil place which sells really yummy kebab! Can foresee more dinners/take aways there. Went for coffee with a few other colleagues at Coffee Bean nearby after. Loved the environment, ambience and the noise we were making. Reminds me a lil of Friends. Apparently, they visit this particular Coffee Bean every Thursday night sitting at the same sofa seat in a corner.

Heading out for breakfast at Villagio tomorrow morning with a couple of them. =D Gonna jump at every opportunity to head out regardless of whether or not I’ve been there before. Its time I put my socializing skills (if any) to use! Hurhur.

And now… trying to upload photos to FB =D

3rd day in Doha

Just got back from Villagio, some mega mall in Doha. Reminded me a lot of Macau, the blue sky painted above, the ‘river’ and the Gondola ride with major shopping brands.

Interestingly and sadly, Starbucks here do not sell their usual ‘country mugs’ with the country name on it. I was looking forward to getting one. Spoils the plan of getting one in every country I go to, not that I’ve been doing that. =P

Saw many beautiful houses and buildings on the way to Villagio, couldn’t stop staring and going ‘wow that house is really beautiful’. Must have sounded like a mountain tortoise to my colleague =X Even their street lamps have different designs. Pity I didn’t have the time to take shots, didn’t want to cause inconvenience to my colleagues, neither do I want to be garang by heading out alone to take photos. Yes. Coward okay. =P

3rd day out here in Doha. Felt jet lagged and homesick last night. KO-ed at 8 plus SG time and woke up feeling refreshed. =D Felt a lot better today, J said its probably cause i actually ate today, thus having energy. Made sense. =D

Work has been.. torturous. The mental stress I’m under. Then again, shan’t spoil my excited mood for exploring a lil bit more of Doha. =D

Oh. Back to the firsts, its the first time ever that I had someone waiting for me at the airport holding an A4 size sign with my name on it! Hurhur. Cheap thrill I know. =D

First time being apart from LF for more than 3 days. =(

First long trip out alone, YEP wasnt counted since I knew Woadie and could depend on her. ALTHOUGH she wasn’t very willing to accompany Ms PeeALot, me, to the pee-room all the time. =P

First time..

Its always difficult to blog when I’m half asleep. So much to write, so lil brain space. Still, would wanna note down this amazing experience. Good and bad. Happy or sad. Crapping begins when I’m tired. And so.. goodnight people! =D

Oh and the marybrown here tastes AWESOME! unlike the ones in M. =P

The longest Monday

And so, today, my first day in Qatar and also the longest day I’ve had as far as I can remember.

I’ve been wanting to blog about my firsts since I realized I was gonna experience many firsts.

So here goes..

Oh and its amazing how there’ll be a never ending firsts to experience throughout our lives no matter how old we are. (not that I’m old okay. Forever 18. Hurhur)

And so.. (Why do I keep using and so?)

Obviously, this is my first business trip. While it may not be as glamorous or exciting as going to UK or US, it is still very exciting to me! I’ve always wanted to travel to middle east and experience for myself what I’ve read in books. Biographies of women whom escaped from men blah blah. (E.g Blood Flowers) Of course, Doha is unlike what I’ve read. Contrary to the little research I’ve done before I came, Doha is actually relatively modern. Its perfectly fine to wear short sleeves or skirts as long as they’re not ridiculously short. Its okay to speak to men THOUGH there are many who leer. Disgustingly. Wasn’t expecting to this city to display such beautiful buildings. Honestly, the prettiest dental clinic I’ve ever seen! Sadly I don’t have much photos to show since we don’t walk around much nor are we allowed to take photos of buildings, well some buildings, but since I don’t know which, it’ll be safer for me to not take any! Okay more about Doha in my next post with photos. =) Oh and obviously my first time to Qatar, Doha.

My first flight alone. An 8 hour flight.

And I’m exhausted from my first 29 hours Monday. So.. To be continued..