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Haji Lane in Singapore

Its kinda weird how people tend to see the beauty in foreign countries but not in their own. Singapore is just an island, yet after more than two decades of living in Singapore, I have not covered the entire 274.1 square miles.

Like this colorful estate. How is it that I have not seen this situated in the central part of Singapore.

Colorful estate in Singapore

Anyway, Haji lane. The hip place of today. A street filled with whimsical & quaint little stores, random finds and coffee stops.

My kind of road signs (and a handwritten sign in the background saying “strictly no dumping”).

Haji Lane in Singapore

A quarter of a Subaru parked outside a shop.

Haji Lane in Singapore

What was once on the stairs “Fashion is what’s available, style is what you choose”.

Haji Lane in Singapore

I thought this was a pretty interesting name for a shop.

Haji Lane in Singapore

Personally, I felt that the garbage bins kinda ruined the whimsical feel. It would be pretty damn awesome if the shops could decorate the garbage bins too.

Haji Lane in Singapore

In contrast with the repetitive malls in Singapore, this is definitely a breath of fresh air.

And that concludes my first post on Singapore. 🙂

The perfect day

Time flies. Seriously. I’ve been with my current company for almost 11 months. But most importantly, I’m 25 now! It seems like I was sixteen just yesterday. Still dressed in my school uniform with much less worries than now.

Every year on that fateful day, something/someone will definitely upset me. Karma for bringing pain to my mother on the day I was born. Is 24 days sufficient? Because this year, my day was perfect =D Woke up happy and excited. The weather was great, rather sun than rain when you’re spending the day at an outdoor theme park.

Everything went as planned. Almost but good enough. Woke up at 9, left home at 10, reached Vivo at 11 to get coffee. Fuel to get the day started before heading over.

And of course, must take photo with big ball!

EH. How come it takes so damn long to upload photos. Patience is not my forte. And how come there’s those stupid pop-ups that makes my cursor disappear when I move it out from the ad?! Thought Safari didn’t have such stuff.

Anyway, I just realized that my hello kitty polaroids cost $1.50 each. WTH.

Back to USS, I loved the time spent there besides the freaking queue and the crazily hot and humid weather. Felt very tourist-y taking photos with mascots and running around being excited. =D

Lf decided that the universe would make a good breakfast. Not a very good shot, I know. We were too lazy to perfect it. Lol.

First stop, Far Far Away =D

Queuing for our first ride flight on Enchanted Airways. Hurhur.

Left Far Far Away shortly to Jurassic Park!

The universe wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied. Here we queued 50 mins for a 53 seconds ride. When we came back from our ride, a cute lil caucasian kid ask me if it was fun and I lied through my teeth telling her that it was. =P Well I bet it was to her.

Wanted to take the rapid waters ride next but queue time was 90 mins, so we left for Egypt!

No idea why there’re so many statues of Anubis, the jackal headed god of death, when there are so many others in Egypt’s culture which they could have displayed. And of all, why the god of death?

The rides didn’t scare me. But the 4D Shrek show did. With spiders. Lol.

LF crossing at the zebra crossing.

But zebra crossings are meant for zebras and so, he was caught. Hurhur.

Using his mind powers, he managed to convince the police that they were gonna release him in the end, so might as well save the trouble and release him now.

Mad hungry with only half a donut for breakfast.

Went for the Waterworld show and the rapid water ride after (60mins queue instead of 90mins) and we ended our trip with a stroll out to the entrance.

We were really lucky during the rapid water ride as we were the only two that weren’t soak. Hurhur, Out of 9. Aunty sitting beside me kept asking why I’m not soak.

Shot of big ball at sunset. =)

Wandered around the resort world a bit, saw the ugly entrance to the casino before heading off to Vivo for a quick dinner then home for another round of cake cutting. =D

I’d always thought that when in love, happiness came with sadness. How else would you learn to appreciate the good times without the bad. I’ve never been this happy in any relationship. Never knew that love could be this simple and happy, that happiness doesn’t have to be accompanied by sadness, that quarrels are not necessary to understand each other and that there is no limit to how much you can love someone and just when you thought that you can’t love a person more than this, you do.

Thank you. =D

For my perfect day and for each and everyday that we’ve been together.

And this would serve as a reminder to how good you are to me when I get angry at you in future. =P

On a side note, I realized how fortunate I am, truly. While I was trying to come up with a wishlist for my birthday, I realized that there isn’t anything that I really needed or even wanted badly that I don’t have already. I have everything that I need and nothing that I want badly which I can’t afford with the exception of a house. Of course, one can never have enough bags, shoes or clothes. =P

Blessed and contented. =)