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Lazy Sunday in Manila writing about Baguio

Hello from Manila!

My third trip here but sadly, I’ve never really gotten a chance to explore the city. Today would have been a perfect opportunity but it was just too hard getting out of bed. I mean, I should really spend some time enjoying the facilities I’m paying so much for! Plus everyone needs a lazy Sunday once in a while.

Excuses excuses. 😛

Anyway, Baguio. Baguio is amazing! A city in the mountains. Unlike the last time I took a van up the mountains where I ended up staying in a wooden hut with no electricity. The ride up was awesome, circling the mountains where there were natural waterfalls by the road, beautiful valleys and shallow rivers(?).

Stopped by Isdaan Floating Restaurant at Tarlac where we were welcomed by a guy on stilts!

Check out who else was there for lunch!

There was a sign which said to hold the Buddha’s hand and ring the bell joyfully but the bell was like so far away. I guess the key is to join hands with others to ring the bell?

Anyway, the Buddha’s hands were out of my reach too.

I like big butts and I cannot lie. I don’t, really, but it does seem like an appropriate caption.

And this is the only shot I have on the way up as the ride was too bumpy for taking shots with my phone.

Our accommodation for 2 nights, Azalea Residence! Affordable and very comfortable!

Streets (actually street) of Baguio at night.

Incredibly good food at O’Mai Khan! I’m usually not a fan of vegetables but this was so fresh and absolutely delicious!

Ended the night with desserts at a quaint little cafe, PNKY.

Thought this was a really cute scene.

Aileen proudly showing off her phone which is also a little TV with an antenna!

It’s a blurry shot but look at those smiles!

Awesome view at Good Shepard where we stopped by to get the famous Ube Jam and peanut brittle.

Strawberry bean curd by the roads.

The shopping street of Baguio!

Coin pouches made from real frogs. (Grimacing while typing this)

The photo says it all, comes with a male model! Hurhur.

Shops by the trail in the park.

The lion of Baguio that appears to change the color of his mane every now and then. Perhaps to match the season 😛 This time, it was a lovely shade of gold.

Till we meet again!