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Strolling down Gion, the famous geisha district in Kyoto.

Train ride to Kyoto from Osaka, Japan

Took a train from Osaka and then a bus from Kyoto Station. Its kinda interesting what the mind remembers. In this case, I vividly recall falling asleep on the bus and woke up to find the bus fare I was holding in my hands missing.

Lesson learnt, always keep your bus fare in your pockets.

Anyway, we were at Kyoto in the day to check out Kinkaku-ji and only arrived at Gion in the evening when the sky was already dark.

Gion, Kyoto, Japan

Gion, Kyoto, Japan

A peek into the streets of Gion. We strolled down very briefly and found it to be filled with rather high end restaurants.

Gion, Kyoto, Japan

A few thousand origami paper cranes containing the wishes and blessings of those who left it there.

Paper cranes at a temple in Gion, Kyoto, Japan

Thinking back, our trip to Japan was really too short and we only managed to spend a couple of hours in Kyoto itself excluding the traveling time from Osaka.

We’ll be back Japan! XOXO.

Snapshots of Japan

Procrastination is a scary thing. I had 24 hours to complete my post for today. Now I have about 3.5 hours. I had been scrolling through my photos trying to find something to write about today but nothing seems to be what I’m looking for.

So for the sake of sticking to my 30 days challenge, writing even when I’ve no inspiration (well practice makes perfect), here goes, snapshots of Japan. Photos I had previously edited using some random app on my iPhone to be uploaded to Facebook. Hahahaha.

Braving the cold with our luggage in tow to check out the Marble beach. I wonder what purpose do those cement structures serve.

Marble Beach at Osaka, Japan

Pretty manhole cover at Osaka. The manholes in each city has a different representation.

Manhole cover at Nara, Japan

Kinkakuji, The Golden Pavilion at Kyoto where we could see snow falling from the sky but disappearing once it touches the ground.

Kinkakuji Temple, Gold Pavillion at Kyoto, Japan

Took a ride on Santa Maria cause LF thought it looked like the ship from One Piece. Hurhur.

Santa Maria, the sightseeing boat at Santa Maria, Osaka, Japan

Kobe Tower at, well, Kobe.

Kobe Tower, Kobe, Japan

The famous deers at Nara. Looking at this photo actually sparked off an idea for a post which I shall leave for tomorrow.

Nara deer, Japan

So when I finally start blogging about Japan, these will be the places that I’ll be covering. Hahahaha.

Concluding my half hearted post for day 3. Over and out.

What I love about Japan

How is it that we’re able to forge such strong friendships when we were younger, able to accept each others’ flaws and agree to disagree? It seems like the older I get, the harder it is for me to make true friends. My definition of true friends, people whom I will turn to when I need them. Acquaintances are a penny too many. Okay there’s no such saying, a penny too many, but it does sound nice. =P

To conclude, growing up has made me too skeptical with too much expectations. Grateful for the handful of people who have stuck with me through the years. Yeap, you. Thank you.

Moving on, what I love about Japan! FOOD! Glorious food. Can’t recall a meal which wasn’t at worse, above average. Oh I do, the Macdonald’s there was’t that fantastic (surprise surprise) especially the chocolate pie which tasted like… nothing. It was tasteless.

Starting of with the best ramen ever! Chawanmushi Ramen at Osaka. Cosy little traditional shop, eccentric chef, GG signs and the best ramen ever. Both the bf and I could see the effort the chef took to prepare our meal, not the usual style in Singapore where the ‘chefs’ would basically heat up all the ingredient together and call it a day. It was so good we finished it all up despite feeling full, well, and also cause we were afraid that the eccentric chef might scold us if we didn’t. Hahaha.

No mobiles allow. Just like at Luke’s (Gilmore Girls =P)

Loved that food and drinks were allowed on trains. Despite that, the trains remained clean with no weird odors or wrappers stuffed in between seats.

Super yummy beef rice ball with half an egg, the kind where the yolk isn’t fully cooked. YUM.

Breakfast from a convenience stall at the train station. Simple but nice!

Being typical Singaporeans, we queue when we see one. The BF joining the queue.

What we queued for.

Snacks we got mainly from convenience stores.

Awesome giant macaron from 7-11.

Snacks from Starbucks, damn nice. WHY are they not available in Singapore!!

Freshly baked Japanese crackers!

Tako balls tasting unlike any from Singapore.

Random shop selling only plain udon where you get to choose your add ons, in my case, a prawn tempura. NICE!

From some train station. Tastes as good as it looks.

Again, crazy queue at a crepes stall we found in Shinsaibashi so we joined in and it was damn awesome! So awesome we queued again. Perhaps it was the additional sanitizer they had rubbed on their hands before each preparation of a new order? Hahaha.

Way too many photos of the awesome food we had so I’m gonna end this post with a (very cute) shot of the bf and our expensive bubbletea! The only store we found selling bubbletea, costed us about SGD6.50 for a tiny cup.

With the flight prices relatively low for Tokyo, I’m so tempted to plan another trip there just for the food!

Only fools make resolutions

I read somewhere once, that only fools made resolutions. Resolutions I shall not make then.

But I should really make an effort to dress up. Was reading a couple of blogs on Japan and they all look so damn good whereas I, when in cold countries, look exactly the same everyday in my jacket and boots. -.-

And so, this post will not be on resolutions but on my Japan trip one year ago. Hahahahaha. The land of awesome food. Seriously can’t recall a meal which I didn’t enjoy.

Transited in HK and touched down at an unearthly hour in Kansai. Since we weren’t gonna be able to check in to our ┬áthat early, we decided to check out the Marble Beach one stop away from the airport at Rinku Town Station.

No one else in the train but us and our huge pink luggage.

Alighted at Rinku Town Station

Popped by the convenience store for food and drinks with the plan to have a little picnic by the beach. Super awesome and damn freaking cheap fried chicken.

The beautiful park en route to the marble beach.

Love the colours.

Freezing cold.

Marble Beach. Kinda disappointing, though I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Too cold for an outdoor picnic so we stopped by a bakery instead.

Dumped our luggage at the hotel and off we went to explore our surroundings.

New Year ornaments which reminded me of this dog like thingy we say on a hill in Phuket!

And of course, Mcdees for lunch.

Long, tall and cool. That’s LF! =P