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Germany – Dresden

How I wish we were backpacking so that we would then, be able to check out all the quaint little towns and amazing scenery we saw from the bus as we were traveling along the way.

Always torn between reading, looking at the scenery and napping. Hurhur.

Nothing beats having bacon, eggs and coffee for breakfast. =D


Traveling from Berlin to Dresden. Foggy morning.


Amazing landscapes alike paintings.


Can only imagine how peaceful it would be like living there, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


At one of the stops selling over priced stuff. Apparently there is a regulation in Europe which requires bus drivers to rest for 20 minutes for every 2 hours of driving which is being monitored by recordings on a CD/thumbdrive.


Swings seem to be disappearing from the Singapore scene in the past few years. I miss the playground at my old estate, the one made of cement, connected by a wooden bridge in a huge sandbox. Unlike the playgrounds of today which #sucks. Hello, no danger no fun. Miss the days of hanging out at the playground, having HTHs lying on slides and swinging as high as we could till the chains start creaking. Too old/heavy for that now.


The exterior of SemperOper.




The Zwinger, baroque style. Mom’s idea of a group photo, as long as the group is in the photo. Hurhur.



Along the streets.


The trio started playing Singapore’s national anthem as we walked by,  catching our attention which led to a display of generosity in return. Kudos to them for coming up with such a gimmick. Was it that obvious that we were Singaporeans?


The Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady which was reconstructed using the actual remains of the building, destroyed during WW2. The darken portions are the fragments of the original building. Pretty cool, using technology to piece the fragments together.


The remaining pieces of the ‘puzzle’ they could not place, left outside the church.


One of the highlights was a pork knuckle lunch which really didn’t appeal to me. Plus it was braised instead of the usual roasted crispy pork knuckle commonly found in German restaurants in Singapore.


Totally regretted being a cheapo and not getting the CD. Wish I had asked for that amazing music that guy was playing at that moment. Can’t seem to find it. =(


Alternative to lunch before we continued our long bus journey to Prague =)


Germany – Berlin

15 hour flight to Berlin from Singapore, transiting at Turkey. Really not a fan of long flights.

The highlight of the day for me was actually finding a bubbletea shop right beside this Chinese restaurant that we were gonna have lunch at.

Bobo Q! There’s this poster that says bubbletea is good for you! I concur! Hurhur. Apparently Germans queue for bubbletea too! =P


Grocery shopping just before lunch to get water supplies, cleared out the Hanuta on the shelves. Paid for the yellow bag, I do think its a good idea to make people pay for the bags. If 10 cents doesn’t make a difference, charge 50 cents instead.


Stopped by the Victory Column (Berlin’s Siegessäule) for some quick shots. As with all guided tours, quick shots then off to the next destination.


Atlas. Happened to be reading Atlas Shrugged on that trip. Recently named my department’s meeting room Atlas as well. Since our department provide services to support the organization, thought it was rather apt. Hurhur.


Pretty autumn colours.



Berlin Wall, painted on the western side.



Memorial to the Berlin Wall victims.


The holocaust memorial in Berlin. “A memorial in the abstract, yet very much concrete.”


Mcdees! One step closer to my goal of eating at Mcdees in every country =P