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Nice is nice!

Bonjour from France! Currently in Nice. Well, Nice is nice! Hurhur.

After a 17 hour flight from Singapore to Paris, we continued on to Nice with a 6 hour train ride. Definitely not a good decision. Started feeling restless and feeling fidgety 3 hours into the ride and there really wasn’t much I could do. In that 23 hours journey, I had watched 3 movies, 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory, completed a book and drew using Paper.


The train is completely imaginary as I couldn’t recall how it looked like when I drew it on the train.

It was cold and raining when we arrived in Nice. To sum in up, it wasn’t a good first day for us, especially not with wet shoes. That said, day 2 turned out pretty well.

We started off with a walk by the beaches at Promenade Des Anglais, in wet shoes from the night before.



It was a short walk to the old Nice town, Vieux Nice.

At Cours Saleya, stalls selling flowers, soap, spices, fruit and candied fruit. None of which I tried. I wonder why. Okay, gonna get some candied fruit on Sunday if it’s open.


Wandered about randomly.




Up the street which brought us up a series of stairs and apparently, on the right path to Colline du Chateau unknowingly.


Passed by a beautiful cemetery. Saw a broken tomb which freaked me out a little, half expected a zombie to appear and chase after me.


Our trek up Colline Du Chateau next.