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Favorite photos taken in China

Some of my favorite photos taken during our teaching days at the school.

Taken through the rear window of the van, the long and winding (not to mention incredibly bumpy) ride to the school.


Making full use of the awesome weather to hold lessons outdoors at the basketball court behind the school. Absolutely love this shot.


With the kids who came for summer camp.


Balloons sculpturing lesson. Look at the amount of books they’ve on their table.


Lesson preparation before class.


Cosy praise and worship session one night with the 11 of us squeezing together on 2 single beds.


Squatting under a tree to shave. I’ve no idea why.




Be a better person, which I had printed and stuck on my office cubicle as a daily reminder to myself (#failed):

Resolve to be tender with the young

Compassionate with the aged

Sympathetic with the striving

and tolerant of the weak and the wrong.

Because some time in our lives we would have been all of these ourselves.


The village beside the school.


Teacher’s kids residing in the school together with their parents.


Attempting to teach one of the kids,Chen Jian in between lessons.


The 2 little imps who kept us very much entertained and busy =)


Typical scene (and food) at the breakfast table.


Outdoor laundry at the very same area where food was to be cleaned, animals/fishes gutted.


On a random note, if I recalled correctly, it was also said that the medical bed top (metal) was also used to slaughter pigs.




Youth Expedition Project in China – Yunnan, Kunming, Xiangbi Middle School

Our 17 days Youth Expedition Project (Project Learn, Experience and Grow) to Xiangbi Middle school in 2007 to teach English. Joined on impulse but no regrets. In all honesty, I’m pretty sure that we had benefited more than the kids there whom we attempted to teach English to.


Kunming, Capital of Yunnan in China.


Enroute to our destination.


Our destination, Xiangbi Middle School.


Behind the school.


Passing by Dali and Er Hai.

Memories that will stay with me for a long time to come:






Last day in China, Yunnan.

Overdosed on caffeine the whole day and so here I am, after lying in bed for 2 hours unable to fall asleep despite being physically exhausted.

Was literally dozing off while I was out in the afternoon yet unable to fall asleep lying immobile in bed at night. Such is life.

And so, here’s more on China, the remaining photos of our last four days in Yunnan.

Photos can be deceiving. Awesome memory of jumping up on the ledge, slipping and falling in to the rather deep drain behind then climbing out, posing for the shot with a smile plastered.


Pretty shot of the old city of Lijiang.


The boys decided give a little foot drill performance  in the midst of visiting some place of interest.


Yet another memorable experience, taking an 11 hour sleeper bus that reeked of alcohol and tobacco.


It was no surprise that we looked like that right from the start.


Goodbyes at the airport before we returned to kiss the toilets of Singapore.

Next up, the beginning.


China – Yunnan, Dali & Lijiang

Day 2 in Dali.

Woadie feeling cold in the morning. Hurhur.

Exploring the very crowded old city of Dali.

Learning about the art of drinking tea and of course being cajoled into buying tea most of us wouldn’t drink anyway.

Crafts of Dali.

Releasing a lighted lotus into the river for luck/wishes.

Up bright and early leaving Dali for Lijiang to make a trip up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yu Long Xue Shan also known as Mount Satseto.

Probably taken at one of the pee-stops or at lunch.

The view on the way up.

Stopping by Bai Shui He, White Water River.

Queuing for the cable car ride up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Love this photo of us, reaching for the sky/touching the clouds as we headed up.

At the “base” where we proceeded on foot thereafter. None of us were prepared for the cold.

After a relatively short trek up the countless stairs, breathing in thin air (oxygen cans provided at a small fee), we arrived at our end point at 4680m above sea level. Paid for corny medals, took videos singing ‘our’ song and basically made a fool of ourselves taking tons of photos.

View of the valleys through the clouds as we descended slowly.

The emo shot.

And that was it, the highlight of the day and probably the four days of R&R.

Rush of memories coming back to me as I look through the photos. The silly antics, the laughter and random conversations we had. We came together as strangers embarking on an 18 days trip to China but forged bonds and became friends during the 6 months we took preparing for the trip.


We were strangers starting out on our journey
Never dreaming what we’d have to go through
Now here we are and I’m suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

China – Yunnan, Dali

Trip to China almost five years ago, a turning point in my life mostly due to the fact that some asshole made me choose between him and the trip. No prizes for guessing my choice. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And of course the amazing people I’ve met in the course of attempting to help others. I’ve definitely benefited more from them than they had from me.

But this post will not be on the school we had volunteer at (because after 5  years I’ve yet to sort out the photos) nor the asshole.

Our four days of R&R. Back to civilization, TOILET BOWLS with a flush!

First mirror reflection after 14 days.


I’m pretty sure there weren’t gonna be sold as pets =(


Took the chairlift service up Cangshan


From the top.


On a choppy boat ride to the island across.


The best grilled chicken EVER.


And it appears that we called it a night after dinner, surprisingly few photos taken that day.