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Local market in Dinan

Where we window shopped, stalked old ladies to take shots of their very nice shopping baskets and imagine a life out of Singapore. I had thought those nicely woven baskets were only used in shows and in fairytales, not at a common marketplace. In Singapore, no one uses them. We just use tons of plastic bags.

The local market in Dinan which sells just about everything. Blankets, mattresses, handbags and accessories.

Market in Dinan, France

Clothes. Speaking of which, I’ve yet to wear this dress that I had gotten there. And it has been more than a year. Hurhur.



Market in Dinan, France

Plants. Strawberry plants, herbs and what not. It must be nice, being able to eat from your own garden.

Strawberry plants at the market of Dinan

Fresh seafood, crabs, these looks a lot like the famous big hairy crabs in Hong Kong.

Crabs at the market in Dinan, France

I’m guessing these are root vegetables like lotus?

Market in Dinan

And of course cheese. No market in France is complete without a huge array of cheese.

Local market in Dinan

The kind of baskets used by the locals. It was mostly the elderly doing their shopping and I have to say, those carrots do look a little malnourished.

Cute marketing baskets at the market in Dinan, France

I could imagine a life living in one of those houses with a little garden where I can grow strawberries, chillies and sunflowers.


Dinan, France

The medieval town of Dinan, France

Having grown up in a city of high rise buildings (not bones), I’m easily captivated by medieval towns with cobbled streets and quaint houses. No surprises why Dinan was on my to go list in France.

It was also in Dinan where I was reminded to stop and smell the roses. That the best experiences came from wandering around, not squeezing in as much places of interests in each trip.

With no research done, we first stopped by the tourist counter to grab a map that came with 2 walking tour routes. We happily followed one and got lost halfway through.

The pretty streets of Dinan. I half expected characters from fairy tales to be getting on with their lives here but no, didn’t see any.

The car looks slightly out of place.

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Streets of the medieval town in Dinan, France

Some of my favorite buildings. If you look closely, you’ll actually see that these buildings here is not particularly straight. I wonder how long has these buildings been here. I imagine a family with super warm characters living in there with huge plushy sofas and the smell of apple pie baking in it.


Dinan, France

Dinan, France

Walked down to the port of Dinan by river Rance.

Port of Dinan by river Rance, Dinan, France

Looks like a lovely area to be living in. And of course, such is the weather in spring. Clear blue skies here.

Dinan, France

And a couple of minutes later, grey skies and it starts to rain. This was probably less than a kilometer away from the previous shot, walking up to the walls of the medieval town.

Dinan, France

The famous St Malo church which houses some of the prettiest stained glass windows I’ve ever seen.

St Malo Church, Dinan, France

One of the prettiest stained  glass churches in France

It was also in Dinan where we experienced hail for the second time. Thankfully, from the comfort of our seats in a little cafe where we sipped hot cider to keep ourselves warm.

On a side note, I really like my places function in iPhotos!

Places, iPhoto




Diving in Tioman, Berjaya

Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia

Tioman island is a relatively affordable dive spot in Asia, especially so for Singaporeans. This was actually my third time to Tioman but my first at an actual resort there. My buddy and I were actually pretty excited about having a heated shower and a proper bathroom.

We usually meet at around 7pm the night before, stop for supper at JB – the best kind of supper ever, loklok!

Loklok at JB, Malaysia

Then drive down to Mersing jetty to catch a ferry so that we’ll arrive at Tioman jetty early next morning.

Berjaya Tioman Jetty

Awesome lunch for the scuba people. The food there was great.

Scuba people of Tioman, Berjaya, Malaysia

Our dive boats, Mariana and Melati. Hurhur.

Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia

It was a super fruitful trip despite a horrible first dive where one of our dive mates actually proposed to his girlfriend underwater. I saw nothing. Visibility was horrible, the designated videographer went missing and I was having a splitting headache. I did see the reenactment they did on shore after though. Anyway, we saw black tip sharks, a white and black banded eel and a juvenile yellow box fish! There were even dolphins chasing after our boats!

Juvenile box fish at Tioman

Speaking of which, we once surfaced from a dive in Maldives and saw a bunch of dorsal fins a couple of meters from us and my heart literally stopped. Thankfully, it wasn’t sharks but just a bunch of dolphins. Hehehehe. Its kinda weird how I always hope to see sharks when I’m diving but at that very moment I felt really afraid. I must say, the movie Jaws has definitely left a lasting impression. I sure most people would panic a little if they see that little grey triangle on the surface of the water.

Keep swimming.

Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia

Drinking Ribena underwater because I can. Hahahaha.

Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia469_676500468_8863086_7696265_n


Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia

Diving at Berjaya Tioman, Malaysia

Can’t wait to dive again!

Photos taken by my dive group.

Failure is constructive

Read this on Google+ this morning:

I genuinely believe no one has ever learned anything from success. Success is like a really distorting mirror – Moby 

Read more

While I disagree that no one has ever learned anything from success (I’m a strong believer that you can learn from everything that happens if you have the right mindset), I agree that one can learn much more from failures. If only, you pick yourself up, look at what went wrong objectively and take actions to correct them.

You have failed only when you stop trying and this is why I have utmost respect for Steve Jobs. Besides being a genius and a visionary, he had extreme determination and perseverance in what he believed in. How many of us give up the first, second or third time we fail? Not to say being kicked out of a company he created. Many would have probably sunk into depression, drugs, alcohol and what not. But not him, despite all, he continued to work towards what he believed in. Harry Potter would not have been such an astounding success (imagine a world without Harry Potter) if J K Rowling had given up the first 12 times she faced rejection from publishers.

My point(s) is (are):

  • Never stop believing in yourself just because you did not succeed this time round
  • You have only failed when you stop trying, so never stop trying
  • Learn from each time that you’ve not succeed

So here’s to failure, one of life’s greatest teacher.

When something ends something begins
but now it’s just the end of the road,
When someone loses someone wins
but now it’s just the end of the road
don’t get to fix it if it doesn’t break,
But now it’s just the end of the road
when you gotta leave it makes you wanna stay
i know it’s the end of the road

Nice is nice II – Colline Du Chateau

Blogging everyday is truly a challenge and I suppose that is why it is called the 30 days challenge. I’m actually quite excited about completing this 30 days challenge cause I’ve already decided on my next challenge is going to be! 😀

24 more days to go!

So, Nice is nice II. The first post on Nice was actually more than 1 year ago. Hehehe. When traveling I always try to keep the first day in any place free so that I’ll be just wandering around and getting to know the town rather than to heading straight to some tourist attraction. However, our random walk actually led us to Colline Du Chateau which was on our list anyway. This is THE BEST BACON EVER! I know it doesn’t look any good but it was so so good! Till date, LF still goes on and on about it.

Breakfast at Nice, the best bacon EVER, France

The gorgeous view of Vieux Nice as we trekked up.

Nice is nice, France

The nice port of Nice. Very nice indeed.

Nice is nice, France

A man made waterfall.

Nice is nice, France

The human dial. It was almost 3PM that day. Hehehe.

The human dial, Nice is nice, France

Attempted to check out the lighthouse (which turned out to be locked). I do like how the graffiti on the cement blocks gave the path a vibrant feel.

Nice is nice, France

Unexpectedly, Nice ended up being one of our favorite cities in France. Best bacon, cute cookie shop, super friendly people, peaceful, relaxed and just next to the sea! <3

Nice is nice, France

Mont Saint-Michel

A shot of Mont Saint-Michel taken off the internet. This is the photo that lured me there. If I didn’t remember wrongly, this was actually why we made a stop at Saint Malo. No regrets.


We took a bus right outside the walled city of Saint Malo, 20 euros per pax for a round trip ticket, where it took us straight to the entrance of Mont Saint Michel. It was a usual gloomy day, no bright blue skies in our photos but gorgeous nonetheless.

A peek of the blue sky when we arrived.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Gloom and doom just 5 minutes later.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Oh wait, blue skies peeking out again in the next 5 mins. Couldn’t stop taking shots of its surroundings at low tide. There were actually groups of people walking on the tidal flats at low tide to reach Mont Saint Michel where its said to harbor quick sand. How cool is that! I’ve only ever heard of quick sand in Indiana Jones movies.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Made a trip up to the abbey. The statue of Archangel Michael atop the spire. You probably can’t see it. We didn’t too. I only realized it while I was refreshing my memory reading about it on Wiki.

The abbey of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

The watch towers? It looks pretty much like those in Kingdom Rush where archers stand ready with their bows and arrows. I was just wondering where the quicksand was located and you know, taking an emo shot.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Wiki says this is the cloister.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

The little narrow streets with a ton of souvenir shops. We did leave quite a bit of euros behind. Hurhur.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Despite the cold and the rain, we had a lot of fun navigating the tiny streets and alleys with frequents stops in tiny cafes where we had the best pastry ever.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

More importantly, as we made our way out to the carpark to wait for our ride back, it started to hail! My first experience with hail EVER! Was super excited watching the tiny balls of ice bouncing off the floor while LF tried to shield us both with one lousy umbrella.

This is the kind of experience that money cannot buy. 🙂

Yes! Posting this 3 mins before today is over!

Over seas from coast to coast

Walks by the sea at Saint Malo.

Saint Malo, Brittany, France

I THINK my favorite part of earth is the ocean. Probably cause much of it is unknown. The grass is always greener on the otherside. The unknown is always better in our imagination.

I believe in the unknown. I believe in God, dimensions, wormholes, extraterrestrial life and even the possibility that they may be amongst us. Who is to say otherwise?

Anyway, I love walks by the beach, not a fan of the sun, but watching the waves crash against rocks/sand, YES. One day, we’ll live by the beach being able to hear the sound of the crashing waves from our bedroom. One fine day.

When our hair have turned white, this will be us, walking slowly by the beach enjoying each others’ company. Probably not at Fort National in Saint Malo but somewhere as pretty.

Fort National, Saint Malo, Brittany, France

Until the day the ocean doesn’t touch the sand
Now and forever I will be your man

Snapshots of Japan

Procrastination is a scary thing. I had 24 hours to complete my post for today. Now I have about 3.5 hours. I had been scrolling through my photos trying to find something to write about today but nothing seems to be what I’m looking for.

So for the sake of sticking to my 30 days challenge, writing even when I’ve no inspiration (well practice makes perfect), here goes, snapshots of Japan. Photos I had previously edited using some random app on my iPhone to be uploaded to Facebook. Hahahaha.

Braving the cold with our luggage in tow to check out the Marble beach. I wonder what purpose do those cement structures serve.

Marble Beach at Osaka, Japan

Pretty manhole cover at Osaka. The manholes in each city has a different representation.

Manhole cover at Nara, Japan

Kinkakuji, The Golden Pavilion at Kyoto where we could see snow falling from the sky but disappearing once it touches the ground.

Kinkakuji Temple, Gold Pavillion at Kyoto, Japan

Took a ride on Santa Maria cause LF thought it looked like the ship from One Piece. Hurhur.

Santa Maria, the sightseeing boat at Santa Maria, Osaka, Japan

Kobe Tower at, well, Kobe.

Kobe Tower, Kobe, Japan

The famous deers at Nara. Looking at this photo actually sparked off an idea for a post which I shall leave for tomorrow.

Nara deer, Japan

So when I finally start blogging about Japan, these will be the places that I’ll be covering. Hahahaha.

Concluding my half hearted post for day 3. Over and out.

Hitching a ride up the sand dunes in Qatar

The concept of hitching a ride has never made it to Singapore and was probably something all parents tell their kids to never do. However, something about being in a foreign country heightened our sense of adventure as we threw caution to the wind.

Anyway, we had planned for a trip to check out the sand dunes at Sealine beach along Mesaieed in Qatar on our precious Friday off but just as we were reaching, we realized that we took the wrong car out! Our car was never going to be able to make it simply because it wasn’t a four wheel drive. Refusing to give up, we decided to head in on foot. Of course nothing ever went as planned, a few steps later, we hitched a ride with a local and off we went!

Our new found friend, Mubarak, who was reducing the air from his tires to ensure that his car is able to travel on the soft sand.

Sealine beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

With us aboard, he brought us on a super fun rollercoaster ride up and down the sand dunes with all the other crazy cars! After which, he offered to bring us further in to take awesome shots! It ended up being a 1.5 hours ride into the desert and another 1.5 hours out.

Driving by the beach.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Our first photo stop.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

If you look closely, you’ll see that we left a message for a fellow car.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Surprised to see a tourist spot with tourists in the middle of the desert on a gloomy day.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Gorgeous patterns on the wind blown sand.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Stopping for tea with other locals who joined us to ruin the gorgeous patterns on the sand with our foot prints. Hahaha.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

It was the perfect weather for a trip out to the dunes. Super windy with a slight drizzle.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Feeling like I’m at the top of the world.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

There was a time when emo shots were in trend.

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Went slightly further in to check out the borders of Saudi and Qatar just across a thin strip of sea before we called it a day and started heading back.

Across Saudi at the sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Our awesome guide and new found friend. Thank you for an amazing day!

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

Sand dunes at Sealine Beach, Mesaieed, Qatar

It is moments like this that make me want to travel around the world. So much to see, so little time.

The 30 days challenge

I’ve always loved writing. In fact, I had an interview yesterday and I came out thinking, “damn, I would have done better if that was a written test”. Writing used to come naturally to me, nowadays, I actually have to make a conscious effort to actually start writing. Possibly cause I worry too much about the quality of my writing. Well and also, I’ve been relatively happy. Writing comes naturally to me when I’m depress or negative. 😛

While searching for content on TED Talks, I came across a 3 min video on the 30 days challenge and I was intrigued. A 50 000 words novel in 30 days and being able to call myself a novelist? Tempting. And while that short 3 min video was still playing, my brain started churning out ideas for a novel. Nothing good came up. How can I ever come up with something as good as Harry Potter?!

So instead of a 50 000 words novel in 30 days, I’m simply going to challenge myself to blog every day for 30 days. Lets see what happens at the end of 30 days.

Of course, in an ideal situation, I would be sitting by the sea with a cup of hot coffee getting inspiration from the sound of crashing waves.


In reality…

Just write.

Or in this case, type.