Morning train ride up Üetliberg

Tofu waiting for the train at Üetliberg, Zurich, SwitzerlandI am so envious of people living in Zurich where they can do morning hikes up Üetliberg before heading off to work. One mountain, countless trails! The plan was to hike up in the morning but since it was too slippery in winter, we took the train, S10, up and had really awesome coffee.

The walk up from the train station.

Üetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

The view of Lake Zurich from the lookout tower (the wind was crazy cold).

Üetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich old town, where I was the day before.

Üetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

This would be a great spot for a game of chess or a simple meal. If only my ears weren’t freezing.

Üetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

My trusty travel buddy waiting for the train back to Zurich HB. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to worry about his ears getting frozen since he has none to begin with. 😛

Tofu waiting for the train at Üetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

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