Over seas from coast to coast

Walks by the sea at Saint Malo.

Saint Malo, Brittany, France

I THINK my favorite part of earth is the ocean. Probably cause much of it is unknown. The grass is always greener on the otherside. The unknown is always better in our imagination.

I believe in the unknown. I believe in God, dimensions, wormholes, extraterrestrial life and even the possibility that they may be amongst us. Who is to say otherwise?

Anyway, I love walks by the beach, not a fan of the sun, but watching the waves crash against rocks/sand, YES. One day, we’ll live by the beach being able to hear the sound of the crashing waves from our bedroom. One fine day.

When our hair have turned white, this will be us, walking slowly by the beach enjoying each others’ company. Probably not at Fort National in Saint Malo but somewhere as pretty.

Fort National, Saint Malo, Brittany, France

Until the day the ocean doesn’t touch the sand
Now and forever I will be your man

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