16KM through Samaria Gorge

Was super excited to check out Samaria Gorge since I’ve trekked up mountains but never down a valley before. Woke up dark (not bright cause the skies were still dark!) and early, crawling out of bed reluctantly as we laced up our trainers and got our asses on the van which was gonna take us from Chania to our starting point.

For those whom are planning a trip, there’s no need to bring a big bottle of water, a small 500ml one would suffice since there are water fountains available at regular rest stops.

The entrance at 1250m.


Gloomy skies, perfect weather for trekking. 😀


The initial part of the trek, heading down the valley well equipped with trekking sticks! Essential to minimize the impact on the knees.


Stacked stones stacked on trees.


Strength in numbers, united we stand! We saw many such rocks “held” up by little sticks along the way.


That’s our awesome guide waiting patiently while we leisurely strolled across one of the many ladder bridges. Hahaha. On a side note, check out what happened to my black shoes. What a lovely shade of grey.


Trekking essentials: Water, (seriously awesome) chips and chocolate!


What used to be the village of Samaria.


My favorite part of the trek, walking through the gorge.


Sis taking in Apollo’s breath. Apparently there is this particular spot, known to the guides, in between the rocks where cool air blows out. That, my friends, is the legendary Apollo’s breath.


The iron gates! Famed stretch of Samaria Gorge, 4 metres wide and almost 300 metres in height with a touch of blue skies.


Looking up while we trek past the iron gates.


Sticking close to the wall on the tiny rock path to keep our shoes dry.


Nearing the end of the park. Samaria Gorge in spring. 🙂


And with wobbly legs, we made it! 16 KM! *dancing around*

Shot of my favorite blue sea while we waited for our ferry back.


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