Diving in Pulau Dayang

Super backdated post. Was looking through my photos for things that made me happy and seeing these photos brought a smile to my face.

Our decision to learning diving happened really spontaneously, random conversations with random people and just like that, we did it about 5 years ago. At the recommendation of a friend, we did our open and advance water course with Mako and the best instructor ever, Patrick.

Our open water was done at Pulau Aur and advance at Pulau Dayang. Looking at this photo, I can’t believe how gorgeous the waters look. Completely unedited. Its like Maldives standard at a fraction of the price.

Diving at Pulau Dayang

Diving at Pulau Dayang

Diving at Pulau Dayang

Our first underwater couple shot any my incredibly cool dragonball hairstyle! Hurhur.

Diving at Pulau Aur

The first few dives were all about remembering to breathe while searching for nemos.

Nemos at Pulau Dayang

And of course getting excited about turtles and chasing them in a straight line. I wish I could have video down that scene.

Squirtle at Pulau Dayang

My favorite dive was when we did our deep dive at 32m. It wasn’t the depth that made it exciting but the incredibly strong currents. Our instructor had to bring us in twos to hide behind a huge rock but before all of us could reach, the others were already being swept over the rock. Super thankful that while I was enjoying my “rollercoaster/washing machine” dive, my buddy was holding on to me real tight while grabbing onto a “vine”.

Diving at Pulau Dayang

Keeping ourselves entertained on the 4 hours ferry ride back to Mersing.

Ferry back to Mersing from Pulau Dayang

Ferry ride back to Mersing from Pulau Dayang

Happy times. 😀


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