Diving in Maldives

In my opinion, is completely overrated. It is probably still a great place to have a beach holiday, but diving, no. I very much preferred my dives in Similans and Sipadan. The water in Similans is comparable and Sipadan definitely has a larger variety of sea life.

That said, I still did enjoy my trip immensely. We were onboard Eagle Ray and we were extremely pleased with their service. They definitely went the extra mile to make our trip enjoyable. 

Everyone was really hoping to be able to dive with whalesharks on this trip, unfortunately, that didn’t happen despite the crew’s effort in searching and our futile jumpoftheboatcrazychasing incident. So, on our last night where we were to have our BBQ dinner, the crew build us a sand whaleshark! In this photo, we were trying in vain to save the sand whaleshark from the rising tide. Hurhur. Seriously impressed with their efforts!

Sand whaleshark at Maldives

Our super cool dining table at Ghost Island. A first for me.

BBQ dinner at Ghost Island, Maldives

Earlier in the day, we spent a couple of hours on Ghost Island and decided to wade through waist high waters to get ourselves stranded on a sand bar.


Celebrating our dive with manta rays with beer and cup noodles.

Onboard Eagle Ray, Maldives

It was also Tofu’s first diving trip and when I realized that Tofu is a complete airhead. Literally. 

Tofu diving in Maldives

Wrinkly fingers and the airhead at the end of a dive.

Tofu diving in Maldives

Our super unsuccessful attempt at spelling Maldives because we forgot about S. Hahahahahaha.


As with all dive trips. We dive. We eat. We sleep. And take some shots in between our 3 main activities.

Onboard Eagle Ray, Maldives

Great company. No we weren’t doing the usual Asian pose. It is actually the sign for nudis. Hurhur.

MV Eagle Ray, Maldives

Ending of with the usual must have jump shot.

Jump shot at Maldives

Missing the deep blue! Super keen to check out Nusa Lembongan after seeing the photos on Instagram!

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