The girl with (partial) pink hair, finally

I’ve always wanted pink hair. Always. Thus the title of the blog.

There was of course, 1001 reasons for me to not do so.

I didn’t want to ruin my hair.
My work wouldn’t allow me to have pink hair.
What if it doesn’t suit me.
It is incredibly expensive.
I don’t think pink goes well with my skin tone.

And what not.

Yesterday, I felt really pleased with my hair cut and decided to take the plunge (what plunge you say?). As it turns out, the 1001 reasons not to do so really didn’t matter at all.

I am incredibly happy with my (partial) pink hair and I feel absolutely blessed to be working for a company where I will not be judged for having pink hair.

This 24 hours of giddy happiness brought about by simply having pink hair (yes I’m that easily happy) made me wonder, what took me so long? Why did I spend years contemplating and wanting something which could be done easily and definitely within my means?

LF once said that he doesn’t understand why I always seem to restrain and limit myself. I don’t understand why either.

And so, I hereby lift all restraints I’ve subconsciously placed on myself (waves magic wand) and will now consciously make an effort to never stop doing things that make me happy.

What is the worse thing that could happen? If it is something I could live with, what’s stopping me then?

Point of this post? I am finally, the girl with (partial) pink hair.



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