Random morning trek up the terraces in Lembang

Before we start, I’ll like to share that it has been proven that employees whom are given flexibility do put in longer hours. That said, we spent our beautiful Saturday morning in a lovely resort working by the pool.

Spotted this lovely terrace directly in front of our resort which prompted a walk and one thing led to another. We started off crossing the road to get a better shot, saw a path and thought why not, oh look pretty house, oh stairs, oh that looks like a path that goes up and before we knew it we were 2 terraces away from the top.

Yup. Trekked up in jeans and slippers at 12pm.

Pretty much my first time in a strawberry field.

Spot Dimps!

My loyal travel buddy – the red tofu.

The amazing view from the top!

Enjoying the view (Yes I’m in the photo) 😀

I really wasn’t expecting much from the road trip since I had no idea where we were going before I agreed and actually still didn’t have a clue after but it turned out to be totally awesome!

Very much grateful for super awesome colleagues! Looking forward to be back in Indonesia 😀

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