Prague Castle and the Golden Lane

Prague looked amazing in photos. Mysterious shots of Charles bridge half covered in fog. Cobbled streets with beautiful medieval settings with an air of abandonment. None of which I experienced. Seems like its magical streets have been overtaken by hoards of tourists (ironically, like myself) and it feels like yet another tourist attraction. The buildings are still pretty, the bridge still exists but something is missing.

Traveling isn’t just about visiting the places of interests. The best experiences comes from wandering about, a surprise find when you’re lost and the unknown. This is also why I dislike tour packages which basically bring you from attraction to attraction without giving you a chance to sit around, observe and experience the country’s culture.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a headache from planning my upcoming trip to France which helps me to understand why many still choose tour packages. The tickets to travel within France itself are damn expensive and the places I would really love to go are not exactly accessible through public transport and I don’t really comfortable driving there. Much easier if I were to visit major cities.

Anyway, some shots taken of/in Prague Castle, in Prague (duh) capital of Czech Republic, on a sunny day.

Prague Castle in the background against the sun, the largest medieval castle complex in Europe and the ancient seat of Czech kings throughout the ages.


St Vitus Cathedral, part of the the Prague Castle complex.


The interiors with intricate details and displays filling every corner and every wall.


Stained glass. Common of every cathedral in Europe.




A quick walk through the Golden Lane. A row of brightly painted miniature houses which would be suitable for short people (me). Checking out the display of dresses from the medieval era.



The Daliborka Tower, a famous prison named after its first inmate, Dalibor from Kozojedy.20120124-000146.jpg

And now, back to figuring out the transportation for my trip to France.

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