Only fools make resolutions

I read somewhere once, that only fools made resolutions. Resolutions I shall not make then.

But I should really make an effort to dress up. Was reading a couple of blogs on Japan and they all look so damn good whereas I, when in cold countries, look exactly the same everyday in my jacket and boots. -.-

And so, this post will not be on resolutions but on my Japan trip one year ago. Hahahahaha. The land of awesome food. Seriously can’t recall a meal which I didn’t enjoy.

Transited in HK and touched down at an unearthly hour in Kansai. Since we weren’t gonna be able to check in to our ┬áthat early, we decided to check out the Marble Beach one stop away from the airport at Rinku Town Station.

No one else in the train but us and our huge pink luggage.

Alighted at Rinku Town Station

Popped by the convenience store for food and drinks with the plan to have a little picnic by the beach. Super awesome and damn freaking cheap fried chicken.

The beautiful park en route to the marble beach.

Love the colours.

Freezing cold.

Marble Beach. Kinda disappointing, though I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Too cold for an outdoor picnic so we stopped by a bakery instead.

Dumped our luggage at the hotel and off we went to explore our surroundings.

New Year ornaments which reminded me of this dog like thingy we say on a hill in Phuket!

And of course, Mcdees for lunch.

Long, tall and cool. That’s LF! =P

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