Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2011

One of my trips to Qatar actually coincide with the annual Doha Tribecca Film Festival held at Katara Cultural Village so we decided to make a trip down to check it out.

Dinner at my all time fav Rotana to avoid the crowd/jam before heading down to Katara. Super awesome grilled fish, corn soup and chilli!

Instead of joining the crowd (was there any?) at the red carpet, we arrived only after the showing of Black Gold had started. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any tickets.

The grand entrance to the amphitheatre. I can totally imagine how the scene would unfold in ancient Egypt days, trumpets blowing, servants dragging the heavy doors open as the Pharaoh arrives in his golden chariot pulled by 2 beautiful black stallions. Hurhur.

Through the doors into the super cool amphitheater constructed like those in ancient Rome to amplify sounds from the centre naturally. Boss tried singing some weird unknown song in the middle while I was at the top row and it works! Super cool!

A local couple on a date.

Obvious discrimination against black pigeons. Was told by the locals that only white pigeons are allowed in these pigeon towers and the black ones would be shot. Not sure how true that is.

Man made beach with pretty lightings. It costs 100QR just to hang out on the beach.

Super cool open air, air conditioned cafe!

Cupcakes from Red Velvet made specially for the occasion.

Expensive peanut butter cupcake with superb service from the staff.

Some other photos taken in Qatar.

A rare sight, clouds in the sky, so low it cast a shadow on the desert.

The last sunset I saw on that trip. Super pretty.

This is what friends do when you can’t be bothered to wash your car.


Dinner at Turkey Central. Awesome food. Love the food in Qatar! =D

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