Dream apartment – Fraser Suites

Got to stay at Fraser Suites in Doha on my previous trip to Qatar. Bosses weren’t too happy with the service at Holiday Villa and thus wanted to try out another place. And so, I got to stay there for a night and I totally loved the place!

Loved the full length windows and the simplicity of the place. Small but cosy. Comes with a fully equipped kitchen; toaster, oven, stainless steel pots and pans, baking equipment, basically everything! And a rectangular dining table which is nicely set, with water glasses, plates and napkins, for four.

Nothing scary about staying alone but instead felt very much at home slacking on the sofa and reading in bed (with a reading light!) and iPhone dock by the bed.

What I loved most, was waking up when the room was completely bright even though it was only 6am. Made waking up a lot easier unlike in Singapore where I’ve to wake up when the sky is dark.

Breakfast was filled with all kinds of pastries and cake, strawberries, bananas, yoghurt, personal pots of coffee and bottles of Evian. I don’t usually drink Evian since I really can’t justify paying that much for a bottle of water. Anyway, best stay ever!

Maybe cause it was newly open and there were road construction going on everywhere, directions to the place on google was wrong and I almost missed my flight! Was going round in circles for almost an hour being unable to locate the place. Super thankful for KY’s intuition and getting us safely back where I showered in record time while they packed for me and I left for the airport with water dripping from my hair. Hurhur.

Some other photos taken in Qatar:

One of the “streets” in Souk selling tons of shawls.

Coffee @ Second Cup.

Mcdees for lunch every alternate day. No complains though. =P

Skyline of Doha

Locals at Starbucks. =P

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