Law of physics

“Still, the laws of physics hold that energy is not destroyed. All the power used by the construction workers to lift steel, pour concrete, hammer nails had been banked in the buildings as potential energy for 3 decades, just as a sled at the top of a hill stores the verve of the child who tugged it up there…”

Reminded me of FMA and Atlas Shrugged. Interesting. This world and it’s laws. Need to read up more on half life though.

Currently reading 102 Minutes. 10 years later, but never too late to know the truth. Sadly when catastrophes occur, we wake up for that moment, we investigate, we blame, we mourn and then we forget. Such is human nature. We’ve paid so much for these lessons and yet we never learn.

On the other hand, it’s really heart warming reading accounts of people who could have evacuated immediately yet went the extra mile to help others. There’s hope for humanity.

One thought on “Law of physics”

  1. Half life is the time taken for a radioactive material to lose half its current radioactivity level…

    E.g. if uranium have half life of 50 years, then radioactivity is

    1/2 after 50 years
    1/4 after 100 years
    1/8 after 150 years
    And so on…

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