Car rides

Why do we close our eyes when bracing for something negative? Does it help to not see?

While many complain about the long ride to site each morning, I really do enjoy it. It is somehow soothing and peaceful, kinda like meditation. Not that I’ve tried meditation.  An hour’s journey without much traffic, watching the landscape of earth colours change from that of a city, to a sparsely populated industrial area then an endless stretch of powelines against the beautiful sand and sky and finally, to nothing but an endless stretch of sand. The roads here are so and straight that it vanishes into nothing. There’s this turn at a junction in the middle of the desert which I particularly like, with over 10 random signs stuck at the edge of the sand in the middle of nowhere.

These photos do no justice to the beauty but its the best I have for now.

 Leaving the city.

To nothing but sand.

Where the bosses poked fun at this pipeline above the sand. An engineering disgrace, they said. To think they demanded so much from us. Hurhur.

There’s beauty to everything, if only we open our minds and hearts to it.

The weather is crazily hot and it’s not even the worst. Utmost respect to the guys out there at site. On the other hand, the same orange circle that brings about such temperatures also displays such picture perfect sights. Even with the heat, one can’t help but stop and stare for a little while.

Just checked into Fraser Suites in Doha. It’s amazing! Couldn’t help dancing around a little. It’s exactly the kind of apartment I would like to stay in if I were to be living abroad alone.

Off to catch up on my reading before turning.

Is it the look in your eyes

Or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares, baby

I think I wanna marry you

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