Day 1 in Qatar. Again.

So a year and a half has passed and I’ve not blogged about my previous trip.

Humans are forgetful, truly. Then, I told myself that I would never return to Qatar, less than half a year later, I had forgotten the bad and only remembered the good times. The friends that I had made, the awesome food, the countless firsts and all that I’ve learnt. Another year later, I’m back again. Same country, same company but with different people for a different project. This time, not as HR.

Comfort is totally overrated. When in our comfort zones, we tend to learn lesser. The greatest experiences and lessons learnt are more often than not, in the face of adversity. And so, embrace I shall.


Was greeted by the huge rising sun upon touching down.

Super cute round toilet bowl at the hotel while the toilet bowls at site are square shaped. Hurhur.

At night, it becomes an endless stretch of red lights. Pretty.

The setting sky at site.

The end of my 29 hours Monday. =)



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