Life is beautiful, so beautiful, its beautiful to me..

Adding on to my previous post, to put it more accurately, we shouldn’t be measuring what they possess against our wants.

That aside, the wonders of our world.

Seaventures, the defunct oil rig we stayed at during our dive trip to Sipadan. Taken from Mabul island.

Blurry shot of the rig against the sunset, taken from the boat as we were approaching it.

Shot of the bridge beside the bridge from the bridge. Hurhur.

Local children playing on the beach. Basically just spinning themselves round and round with peals of laughter. =)

Sipadan island.

Love this shot.

It started to rain halfway thru our first dive on the first day that we dived at Sipadan island and the water was freezing cold while we were below. Ascended shivering and continued shivering, wet and cold, as we hung around on the beach for an hour waiting for our next dive. Was kinda dreading diving in as it was like really cold and I haven’t stopped shivering for like an hour. Instead, once we dived in, surface of the water felt pleasantly warm, like being in a really warm and comfortable bath. Super shiok. Till we descended once again into the cold water. Interesting how warm the water feels when it rains. Then again, our bodies were probably cold from the strong wind when we were on land.

The change in temperature could be felt at 20m and beyond too. Water turned really cold once we descended beyond 20m so I didn’t really have to look at my gauge to see if I’m above or beyond 20m. Super cool. And really cold. I really need to get a better thermal guard.

Sunrise at 5.30am. Dive boat to Sipandan island, from the rig, leaves at around 5.30am.

Whats not to love. Blue skies. Blue waters.

Sunset from the rig. Beautiful.

I took so many photos of sunrises and sunsets on that trip till I can’t really differentiate it anymore. Afterall, it was all taken against the same background.

And its not often that I’m up early enough to watch the beautiful sunrise.

All photos taken with my lousy phone, thus the lousy resolution.

In the morning, I feel the breeze
The sun watches over me..
The sound of water, the crashing sea
Is it only me?…
That feels alive
Its all ahead on me

‘Cause it feels so right..
Just open your eyes and see

That life is beautiful, so beautiful
Its beautiful to me
That life is beautiful, so beautiful
Its beautiful to me

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