How would it have been?

Somehow, when I get mad, looking at the blue photos makes me happier a little.

Becoming increasingly impatient and short tempered recently. I mean I’ve been that way all along but it seems to be getting worse. I don’t get how irresponsible some people can get, how stupid they behave or how dense they are. Its like, I’m frustrated enough dealing with incompetent idiots at work and now, my friends? Why can’t people just do what is required when it doesn’t even take a lot of effort? I’m pretty sure everyone has encountered some sort of frustration at work and knowing how much it sucks, why do you still to the same to another?!

I truly don’t get it.

“In reality, our beliefs seem so obvious to us that we’re often amazed that others can see things so differently”

Note to self: Do not be one of those. Learn to manage my anger.

That aside, completed reading Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick. Its a really interesting read. It amazes me how North Korea can be so different from what, almost, the rest of the world is today and I really wish there is more information about North Korea on the internet.

Was asked if I hated the ruler, well I don’t. It is just another way of ruling, another strategy and another practice (Weird how I can accept this difference, yet not the daily differences around me daily). Things did seem to be better initially, the people there seemed pretty satisfied, but the world moved on as they remain stagnant. Somehow, that caused much of the suffering of today. Should China and Russia remained as communist countries, they would probably have gotten on a little better. That said, if America were to have taken a communism stand, things would be greatly different.

Doesn’t democracy have its cons as well? Before China and Russia moved away from communism, weren’t the people in North Korea happy? Weren’t they happy before they had knowledge of the outside world? Could it be that we’re only focusing on the negativity in North Korea? Could there be another side we know not of?

I remember telling a friend that I felt sad for the kids in Yunnan, cause they did not have the comforts of the modern world that we had and she told me not to, cause they were happy in their own ways, not wanting from the lack of knowledge of the world outside.

So then, are we feeling sorry for the North Koreans by comparing our level of comfort to theirs? And how is this comparison accurate?

How did living become so complicated? If humans could survive living in caves and hunting for food, why are we stuck in concrete jungles, working more than 1/3 of each weekday and living the rat race?

The root to all evil isn’t money. Its knowledge.

I’ve drifted.

Whoa. Really pretty photo I got off Wiki of a crater lake at Tianchi, border of China and North Korea.

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