48m at Sipadan

That night we laid on the sun deck, with its lights switched off, under the blanket of stars.

Taken with Kynneth’s DSLR. What we saw was way more amazing, in just a couple of hours, I saw 5 shooting stars! Oh wait, that was the last night on the rig.

Anyway, that night, under the stars, Don was sharing with us his encounters with some of the stupid DMs and equally stupid divers he had met. So on this particular trip to Bali while everyone was hanging at around 25m looking for Mola Molas, this DM somewhere deeper, say maybe 35m or 40m, started banging his tank and all those at 25m dived down immediately thinking that he had spotted Mola Mola. Thus, immediately endangering themselves as they quickly descended down. As it turns out, that particular DM was actually banging his tank to get the attention of this other guy, who was below him, deeper than he was suppose to be. I can’t remember the exact depth Don shared, but the key thing is how, some asshole going deeper than he should and this particular DM who banged his tank without thinking about the consequences actually put the entire group of divers, somehow dumb as well, at risk. And so we were warned, to THINK before doing anything on impulse.

The next day at Sipadan, 2 DMs from the rig decided to join us in our “hunt” for hammerheads and went really deep while we stayed around 30m. Halfway through, they started banging their tanks frantically and all of us, like really all of us including our DM descended as quickly as we could trying to spot the hammerheads. Despite looking at my gauge frequently, I only attempted to stop descending when I hit 45m. Start finning to ascend but ended up sinking till 48m before I finned frantically and started ascending. Panicked for like 2 seconds when I continued to sink despite finning to ascend. Moral of the story, I was also acting like a stupid diver. All of us, despite hearing the stories just last night. Classic example of stupid DMs and divers. AND, we didn’t get to see the hammerhead as it was spotted by the DMs who were at 59m. WTH.

Another point to remember and note to self:

Do not ever think that you’re safer if diving with experience divers or DMs and expect them to “save” you if you choose to put yourself at risk. As Don said, if he sees a diver suffering for narcosis at below at 40m, he wouldn’t risk himself to save that diver as he can’t be sure that he wouldn’t suffer from narcosis himself at 40m. And if the both of them were to be affected by narcosis, both of them wouldn’t survive. What he would do instead, would be to try to attract that particular diver’s attention from where he is, and if he was unsuccessful, so be it. The most stupid thing a diver could do, is to risk his/her life to safe another.

And true to his word, something similar did happen, and Tam saw how they reacted to the situation.

Dive safe. Always. Don’t risk your life to see whatever, you’ve a whole life ahead of you and countless opportunities to encounter it. Reminder to self =P

I miss diving!!

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