Day XX, The Gibbon Experience

Up bright and early the next morning. The spoilt kids brushed their teeth using mineral water while I decided to be garang and use the tiny stream of yellowish water coming from the tap. Not much of a difference since the utensils we used were washed using the same water. Forgot to mention the toilets there, since we arrived there wasn’t a single time we could use the toilets without any bees/wasps buzzing around us. Then again, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Owner made us breakfast, an omelette each, using at least 5 eggs each. Wth.

Vandalized legs.


Took what we needed and off we went on the back of a lorry, across the river and on our way to the base camp of the Gibbon Experience.


Trekked for what seemed like forever, supposedly 2 hours as stated on the internet but it took us longer, I think. Puked from the high altitude and decided to swear off eggs for awhile. Like 2 days.

Went past the honeymoon suite while trekking. Not sure why its called the honeymoon suite but we made some noise and said hi from below.


Now here’s the cool part, not the gibbons. Speaking of which, we saw none during our 3 days 2 night stay, not that any of us were actually looking our for them actually. Okay, the cool part, zip lining! It was so tiring trekking that I didn’t bother with any photos so lets make do.

We were all given a harness with the zip lining device attached. The device works pretty much like a carabiner with the rolling thing to lock it except that the top of the carabiner came with rollers which we would place on the cables. And on top of the rollers there was a part of a bicycle tire which acted like a brake. Gloves required as the rubber would heat up from the friction and also to prevent using your flesh as the brake. It’s really cool how simple the device is.


And so we trekked, zip lined, trekked some more, zip lined more till we finally reached our treehouse. Treehouse 6 if I’m not wrong. Now, the next cool part, for most of the zip lines we usually wouldn’t be able to reach the platform due to our lack of weight and had to pull ourselves towards the platform, so for our final zip line to our treehouse, the guide warned us to brake when this guy from the treehouse told us too, but being worn out from pulling ourselves, we decided not to heed that guy’s advice and all of us ended up banging into the trunk of the tree. Imagine the scene from any cartoon, guy(or tom from tom and jerry) bangs against tree, face flattens and he slides down the tree. Okay we didn’t slide down the tree but that scene kept replying in my mind. And I guess we weren’t the first to not listen to instructions so they actually lined the trunk with cushions, helped a little to lessen the impact.

View from the treehouse. Amazing. Its like they choose the tallest and strongest tree, then simply built a treehouse on it.20110829-125839.jpg

The shower area. Comes with a proper shower.


Pee area. No flush, everything went straight down. For a treehouse, the bathroom was pretty amazing.


Where we dumped our harnesses and bags. Didn’t take photos of how we slept, basically they provided us with a mattress each, and this huge piece of cloth to build kinda like a tent over the mattress to keep insects out.


Had lunch with awesome chocolate coffee and off we went on our own to zip line. After all, the whole point of the stay, for us, was to zip line.



Zip lining. Fashion statement of the year, tee with sleeping pants, knee high black socks with red hearts and pink crocs. Got leeches what. Jumped off the platform and off we went.



Returned to the treehouse as the sun started to set, dinner brought by the guides and tree bark wine around a mosquito coil. And my first time trying a certain grass. =P


Woke up the next morning to this. *Sings see a jungle when its wet with rain. Super pretty but wasn’t good news. The entire jungle was muddy and infested with disgusting leeches. Had to stop every few steps we took to flick the leeches off. By the way, insect repellant works better than fire. Just spray insect repellant at the disgusting things and they’ll fall off.


Had to trek to another treehouse which we were gonna stay for the second night, wasn’t as good as the first but zip lining was equally good.

Zip lining from our 2nd treehouse. Treehouse 3?


Had to remember which path to take while zip lining on our own.


The rest of the day was spent trekking (to a waterfall we didn’t swim in for fear of leeches) and zip lining as much as we  could, killing leeches and shouting random stuff as we zip lined. Hurhur. To end off, here Long’s foot bloodied from the leeches.20110829-010031.jpg

I actually felt sad when we were leaving, counting down the number of zip lines we had left. Though tiring, it was truly magical. It had always been a childhood dream to stay in a treehouse, used to put chairs together and pretend that it was a treehouse with my nephews. Never actually thought that I would one day, get to stay in a treehouse in the jungle. An actual treehouse in an actual jungle. Yes it was dirty and there were insects all around which was expected since we’re in their territory, but somehow it just doesn’t seem that bad when I was there. Got used to showering and peeing with bees/wasps buzzing around me. When a huge beetle fell on my head one night, I actually just tapped Tam and asked her to flick it off for me. Much to her amazement and mine actually, I didn’t scream like how I thought I would.

To me, this stay wins any luxurious hotel stay hands down. 🙂

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