Sightseeing in Luang Prabang and our 11 hour bus ride to Luang Namtha

Spent the entire day sight seeing, as recommended on the internet, river cruise down Mekong river, Pak Ou cave and Kuangsi waterfall. One of our most boring days in Laos. The best experiences we had came from the unknown rather than these commercialized places.

Luang Prabang library.


Super boring boat ride to Pak Ou Caves. Totally felt cheated upon reaching the caves if you can call it a cave.


A few of the many Buddha sculptures in the cave. Learnt that the gestures of the Buddha represented different “instructions”. With the main three being..


Lunch in town before our trip to Kuang Si Waterfalls.



Stopped by a community village which was totally commercialized as well. Kids asked for “photo money” after this photo was taken.


Happily rolling on the grass =)


Talking to her plants to quicken their growth =P


I don’t exactly get why Luang Prabang is one of the must go places in Laos. It’s highlight, monks in orange robes? Participating in the giving of alms? Read from the Internet that the temple wanted to abolish the practice of receiving alms due to an increase in food poisoning but was stopped by the government as this is one of the main tourist attractions.

11 hour bus ride to Luang Namtha was an eye opener and another experience altogether. Hurhur.

Makeshift dustbin using Tam’s toes.


Her classic pose. Hurhur.


Stopped to pee, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere among the bushes. Can’t recall when was the last time I did that :X

Along the way, the driver picked up some locals, charging them only 10 000 kips. We couldn’t really figure out the system, like how did the driver know when or where to stop and did those people just wait outside their houses and just flag down any van they saw?

Anyway, bus picked up local guy, a while later, picked up local girl, both didn’t even smile at each other. Girl sat on the pull down chair and fell asleep in an uncomfortable position. After a while, she approached guy to sit beside him, he agreed and placed his hand on her thigh. After a while, on her shoulder and the girl was snuggling against him. At this point all of us were like watching them. After which I fell asleep and missed out seeing the guy placing his hand on her boobs. Wth. Anyway we were pretty surprised as we always had the impression that the Lao people were pretty conservative. Then again, along the way we did see a lot of naked kids and boobs of the mothers breastfeeding by the road. They just sat facing the roads openly breastfeeding, seeing the vehicles go by.

Finally found bengbeng during our lunch stop and got a box for our treehouse stay 😀 Lunch with the locals where it took us 3 tries to get our noodles without vegetables.

There were lesser foreigners as we travelled along, less commercialized places and more to observe.

And 11 hours later, Luang Namtha, Zuela guesthouse.


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