Port Dickson, August 2011

You know that feeling when you realize that you always feel like smoking when you’re upset and in that instance you know you’re hooked on to cigarettes and not just a social smoker. Well, I just realized that I’m addicted to bubbletea 😛

Anyway, we’re back from Port Dickson! Thankfully the bus drivers didn’t bother to check our e-tickets and so we managed to return to SG as planned 😀 Met Tai Eng and another guy from secondary school there. *sings it’s a small world after all.. it’s a small small world

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to get bad service, Tai Eng called and email them but failed to get a response so he had to go down to their pathetic office personally to confirm his trip and get his e-tickets. And that wasn’t the end of their horrible service. Bus driver wasn’t informed to send us to our hotels, instead he sent us to the bus station at Port Dickson. Though he did send us to our hotels in the end. Departure time from Port Dickson was also different from what was stated on the e-ticket. Wth.

I do understand that given how cheap the deal was, I shouldn’t expect outstanding service. But I was’t expecting outstanding service, not even prompt service but the very least they could do was to ensure that we got the tickets with the right information at least 2 days before the trip.

If you’re having deals to create publicity for your agency, why in the world are you providing horrendous service which erases any possibility of repeated business? I for one will definitely not go for any trips with GEL again no matter how cheap it is.

The hotel did look as pretty as shown in the photos.


Rented a bike for an hour, only to have fully explored the place in 20mins. Super cheated. =X20110809-095721.jpg


Eyes must not leave iPhone at all times.


Sunset =)




Soya jagung! First time trying and its super nice! =D


Lunch as we couldn’t wake up for breakfast =X


I guess I still prefer exploring places rather than being confined to an area, despite it being relaxing.

Hopefully my next backpacking trip will materialize next year =D

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