Fucked up agency – [email protected]

I’m contemplating on going down to their office and kick up a big fuss.

Bought the Port Dickson deal under them from bigdeals.com somewhere in June and so on 24 June I sent in my booking details to which their staff called me to confirm and said she’ll send me the confirmation and e-ticket. 2 weeks passed and I received nothing from them. Called them to confirm and they said they’ll send it shortly as now they’re dealing with those departing in July. Fine. Yet another 2 weeks passed, still no news. Called, they agreed to send and still nothing, repeated this process at least 5 times! Finally, 4 days before my departure date, I got the e-ticket BUT with wrong details! Name and passport number was wrong. Called, “yes yes we’ll revise and send you”, next day, nothing. Called another 2 times, finally got the revised ticket, this time, returning date was wrong! They gave me a 2 night stay instead of 1 but I don’t wanna take leave. So no thank you. Hotel side was’t a problem since i can check out early, but the bus ticket was a problem. Emailed and called, still nothing was done. Finally got thru today, explained to their staff that I’m departing tomorrow so I need the revised e-ticket urgently, she laughingly replied “what if I don’t wanna send you” before agreeing to send me immediately. 3 hours passed, nothing. No answer and voicemail box was full. Finally got her again, and from the questions she asked, she obviously forgot about my case, again promised to send it to me in 5 minutes, till now, nothing! And I’m departing tomorrow.

Tell me, should I not go down and tear down the place?!

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