Work trip to Qatar

Despite being given the opportunity to travel to middle east for work, my blog has been filled with only complaints about work. And so, after being inspired by other interesting blogs, I’ve decided to blog a bit about my trip to Qatar.

My luggage half filled with food.

Here’s my room for the first trip up.

My first meal in Qatar, Turkish cai peng which sucked. =X

The ‘CBD’ area of Doha. They have really impressive buildings (which doesn’t appear so from the photo) but all half empty or totally deserted.

My ‘welcome’ drink, cocktail. Its a mixture of all kinds of fruits which tastes quite weird. Had to force it all down out of politeness.

Goodness. This is really boring. Shall blog about my only interesting experience there some time soon.

Meanwhile, more boring photos.

Nah. I give up.

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