Living in Qatar

Interesting (interesting being subjective) things I had encountered during my short stay in Qatar

1) There are no addresses in Qatar. the office address on the namecards goes something like this: C ring road, Business building, 2nd Floor, near Jaidah flyover. Made it kinda difficult and troublesome for deliveries and of course made me appreciative of the address system in Singapore which I’ve long taken for granted. 😛

2) Its dangerous to fall down in summer as the floor is hot enough to burn your skin.

3) The working hours for Qataris are 8am to 12pm and 4pm to 8pm as 12pm to 4pm is generally too hot to work. Though in practice they usually only work 2 to 3 hours in the morning.

4) Wearing the abaya actually keeps the body cooler than wearing normal clothes.

5) Ladies are given priority at government agencies and do not need to queue. But of course, being a Singaporean, I’m too used to queuing.

6) The local men and women don’t get to know each other before marrige. A marriage proposal typically goes this way: “eh you have a sister? can I marry her?” And there you go, a marriage in the making.

7) Contrary to the information found online, Qatar is relatively modern and it’s fine wearing skirts that reveal your knees, sandals and sleeveless tops.

8 ) The number of trees in a person’s house reflects his wealth. Apparently it’s too costly to constantly water the plants. THOUGH the electrical/water bill is being paid for.

9) There’s no 6 piece nuggets meal, there’s only 9 piece nuggets at Macdonalds’.

10) No chilli sauce is given at fast food restaurants. Weird since people in the country seem to love spicy food.

11) Pavements are not strictly for pedestrians. Pavements are also used for parking, overtaking and u-turns. WTH.

12) Every accident has to be reported to the police. No repairs, major or minor can be done without a police report. Is this the same in SG?

13) Shops are closed during prayer times on Fridays and men are not allowed to enter shopping centres without a female accompanying. My colleague was rejected entry just when he really needed to pee. Lol.

14) All major supermarkets operate till 12am. Most shops close pretty late at around 11pm.

That’s all for now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Miss seeing Audrey do the self stabbing action 😛

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