Beauty sleep

Been pondering about this for awhile since I’ve been here. I have been told/read that the optimal time for ‘beauty sleep’ is between 11pm to 2am or 3am. Thats supposedly the best time for your body to rejuvenate. BUT, you see, what about time differences? Say now that I’m in Qatar, where it is 5 hours behind Singapore and 11pm here is 4am in Singapore. How does my body recognize that it is 11pm now? The tuning of my biological clock while I am here? Which leads me to conclude that its really the sleeping pattern, and not the timing, that determines an individual’s optimal time for beauty sleep. Say if I were to sleep at 2am every night and wake up at say, 9am, my body would then adapt to this cycle and then probably decide that the time to rejuvenate is 3am to 6am? Its a matter of how you tune your body clock to recognize the time it should rejuvenate the cells or whatever. And therefore, sleeping late is not the cause to all bodily illnesses or beauty problems, it is inconsistent sleep cycles.

Ooooh. I should like do some scientific research and then publish some papers on this. Hurhur.

I really miss BKK.

Second love of my life. If only I could marry McMayor and eat him up on our wedding night. Hurhur.

3 more days till I’m on my way home. Really looking forward. Can’t believe that I’ve been away from home for 1 full month! The longest ever. Now I’m staring at the dirty clothes at the end of my bed, grocery bags on the floor and my open luggage half filled with chocolates. Its a messy sight. I’m normally not that messy. Really. =X

I actually feel a teeny weeny bit of sadness, at leaving the people I’ve come to like. From strangers to friends.

Kim Yen who accompanies me anywhere I wanna go.

Audrey and her husband, would have died from boredom or hunger without them.

And this is Chris Poh and Chris Chan. You would think I was pointing a gun at them and not a camera. -.- Thought the both of them looked cute as they waited impatiently for us against each side of the wall, so I turned my camera lens towards them and their reactions were immediate. Both really nice despite their ‘cool’ outlook and today, I realized that Chris Poh is actually very responsible. Hurhur.

And of course, the rest whose little actions made my days here brighter, not forgetting the ones who gave me trouble which only made me stronger.


Till we meet again..

Which is, tomorrow, at the basement as we make our way to work. =P

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