I should buy 4d..

Before I start going on about work, yet again, I just wanted to say its incredibly sweet seeing how much Luke loves Lorelai. =) =) =) And Kirk loving all the burnt food. Lol.

And yes, as expected last night, this morning was horrible, I was called down to another office at like 7am this morning for yet another talk which ended with me being completely confused once again and crazily frustrated. Please, stop all this cryptic talk. I’m not at your level, I don’t know how to read between the lines, I don’t get the hidden messages and I honestly don’t know what how I should react to your words. I don’t understand politics and have no interest in getting involve! And so, if you want me to do something, say it straight, cause I totally don’t get your hidden message and I give up in trying.

I can’t please everyone, this I know. I do this, A gets pissed off, I do that, B gets pissed off. I don’t do either, both gets pissed off. I do both, all gets pissed off. I follow instructions from my boss, both still gets pissed off. I can’t tell A what I’m facing with B and vice versa for it would only worsen the non existent relationship. I can’t tell my boss because he’s such an asshole who insists that HR is perfect and if there are any screw ups, its DEFINITELY ops. So by following my boss instructions I’m being an accomplice and so it is my fault that this project is screwed. Okay. I give up. I shall sit and stare at my computer for the next 7 days. Perfect. The perfect solution. In answer to any of their questions, Inshallah.

I shall blend in with their local culture. =)

Okay now the brighter side, had a great coffee session with the usual bunch. Its really comforting in its own way, sitting at the same spot, chatting about everything under the sun. =) Today there were lesser work complaints and more random crap, like halal food, boots, cold weather, Europe, castles, Greece and hair. Hurhur. Met wonderful people during this trip. My housemate is gonna cook me fish soup with wintermelon tomorrow. And randomly, I feel like drinking salted vegetables and duck soup. Lol.

Looking forward to meeting LF at the airport next Fri. Can’t wait. =) =) =)

Off to watch more GG =)

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